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    $50 LeagueSafe - Draft Tuesday Night! PPR/Auction

    Maximum Fairness - $50 Auction League
    League ID#: 782054
    Password: football
    Draft Type: Live Auction Draft
    Draft Time: Tue Sep 6 7:15pm CDT

    Roster Spots
    QB: 1
    WR: 3
    RB: 2
    TE: 1
    W/R/T: 4
    Q/W/R/T: 1
    K: 1
    DEF: 1
    Bench: 9
    Total: 23

    No Trades
    But a lot of flex positions so you'll be able to start all your studs and top sleepers no matter what position they play.

    No Crazy Settings
    None of this bullsh*t where you get 1 point for every 10 return yards and all of a sudden some kick returner you've never heard of is more valuable than Andre Johnson.

    6 points for every touchdown,
    -2 for fumbles lost / interceptions,
    1 point for every 25 passing yards,
    1 point for every 10 rushing/ receiving yards,
    and 1 point per reception.

    All the other scoring categories are 100% Yahoo default.

    Roster Spots and Scoring Values Are Final
    No need to worry about joining a league and then having the settings get changed at the last minute. What you see is what you get. If someone doesn't like the settings then they can find another league to join.

    Draft Order
    Randomly determined by Yahoo a half hour before the draft.

    League Safe - Majority Votes
    None of this "Commissioner has total control and you waive your right to dispute anything" bullsh*t. Throughout the season I'll keep everyone posted on who won what money, and when the season ends every gets to check over everything to make sure it's legit before the money gets paid out.

    First Pay, First In
    In order to make sure we get all the money in and that the league fills in a timely manner, the maximum number of teams will be temporarily set to 20. First 10 people to get their money into League Safe get into the league. In rare instances the league might move forward as an 8 or 12 team league to accommodate demand. Be aware that this is a possibility before deciding to join.

    "Give Your Word"
    In order to gain entry into the league you not only have to pay your League Safe entry BEFORE the draft starts, but you also have to post in the "Give Your Word" message board thread. It's just a simple thread explaining that you understand the league rules and asking you to GIVE YOUR WORD that win or lose, rain or shine, you'll promptly put your vote in at the end of the season so that the winners can get paid ASAP. It's easy to have a crappy season and then forget about the league the moment you don't make the playoffs, and that sort of negligence can lead to unnecessary delays in payment. But most people are pretty decent, so when they give their word that they're going to be there to get their vote in promptly at the end of the season, they usually follow through.

    Every Sunday at noon all the free agents get locked and you'll have until Tuesday to put in a waiver request for any player you want. This way everyone gets a fair chance to acquire any breakout players or guys who were worthless before but have just been handed the starting job due to injury.

    Free Agent Acquisition Budget
    Everybody gets a budget of $1000 virtual dollars to spend on the waiver wire throughout the season. Put in a bid for the player(s) you want, and the highest bid wins.

    10-Man League Payouts
    1st: $160
    2nd: $90
    3rd: $70
    4th: $30
    Most Regular Season Points: $50
    Best Regular Season Record: $50
    Highest Single Week Point Total (Regular Season): $25
    Consolation Bracket Winner: $25
    Total Paid: $500 ($50 x 10)
    Maximum You Can Win: $160 + $50 + $50 + $25 = $285 (over half the pot)

    Playoff Structure
    Main Playoffs: 4 teams (weeks 15-16)
    Consolation Bracket: 4 teams (weeks 15-16)

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