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  • JSH JSH Aug 30, 2011 2:24 PM Flag

    I can't get anyone to rate my team please help!

    Non ppr 12 teams
    Bryant kicker
    Green bay

    Zach miller
    Kendall hunter

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    • not a playoff team. terrible at running back beyond rice. wallace isn't great in a non ppr format, and depth at WR lacks.

    • In a non-PPR league I think you may struggle. Solid players at most spots, but I'd look for possible trades. QB is solid, both are up and down but high quality. WR is okay, not great, but okay. Rice and Bush would be great in ppr and will probably still be very good for you. Miller might be okay, but look for another TE. And the rest of your bench is a problem. Watch the waiver wire and look for trades. Good luck.

    • you diff have spots u need to improve on... RBs and WRs

    • I like Schaub at QB, however, you could have taken him later in the draft as I'm sure other players would have already locked up their QB's, giving you the chance to upgrade other positions.

      WR's are good, not outstanding; I'd try to upgrade from Knox though. RB's is the same deal - Rice is solid, however, Benson is a question mark with his upcoming jail sentence and the fact that Cincy is a complete mess right now. Also, Bush is ok, but at this point I doubt there's anything better on the FA list. If Rashad Jennings is available lock him up in case anything happens to MJD - this gives you RB depth and trade leverage on the MJD owner.

      Not really sure who you mean by "Graham", but if he's a TW you're in trouble. Kicker's are kickers so nothing pressing there. Your defense looks pretty good so nothing to worry about on that front.

      You have some strong areas and others that need immediate attention. Overall I'd say 3/5 given the discrepancies between the high's & low's.


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