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    $50 12 Team ESPN Keeper

    This $50 12 team keeper on ESPN is going into its 3rd year. We need 2 teams filled.
    14 player rosters with QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, W/T, K, DEF starting
    2 IR spots
    Home/Away system that gives +7 points to the home team
    12 week regular season with 9 playoff teams
    35 add limit for the regular season with 3 additional adds for the playoffs
    All players are put on waivers at the start of each week's games, the priority is reset after each week to the reverse order of the standings (worst team gets the 1st choice of FAs) *We're considering going to a FAAB system instead.*
    Each team gets 3 keepers (you must keep 3)-you cannot keep any player inside the top 12 (1st rounders) and are allowed to keep 2 players in the 13-60 range unless you have a 3rd player in that range who was a rookie last season, then you can keep 3. In other words you're rewarded for taking chances on rookies because you can keep a rookie no matter what pick they project as, including a 1st rounder.
    You can do "rental" trades (we call them that, really its just trading players this season for draft picks next season)
    In the draft you MUST draft your entire starting roster before taking any backups. If you draft a backup prior to taking all of your starters that player will automatically be dropped from your roster.

    Because 1 of these teams is in a very good position with extra picks in the early rounds I will be charging extra for it. In the past I have paid for discounts to fill poor teams so thats why I'm charging a little more for great teams.

    Here are the links to the teams and their prices
    Its Tee Shirt Timeeee - $70 *obo* (has an extra 5th, 6th, and 8th. and the number 3 pick in the draft)


    Team Butternut - $50 (#1 pick in the draft with average keepers)


    Entry Fee - $50
    League Champion - $200
    2nd Place - $100
    3rd Place - $70
    Division Champions - $25 (4 divisions)
    Weekly High Score - $10
    Consolation Bracket Winner - $10

    If you're interested please email me at turtle_10_2009@hotmail.com
    All entries and payouts are handled through paypal.


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