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  • Johnny Johnny Aug 14, 2011 2:41 PM Flag

    few spots left in this competitive league

    interesting post given that it's already 2:40 pm eastern.

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    • It is very interesting, passive old creature. It is 2:50 and my draft is done and I'm still typing here. I find it interesting you're still up. You should take a nap because you aren't heeding the big picture.

      I am going to stand up for myself and my leagues. That piece of shit was kicked from my league for autopilot joining. He wrote a thread in the forum that displayed a lack of attention to details that basically shit all over my work.

      Despite having won championships in standard leagues where all you need are 2 RB's and the advice of middle aged chubby men to win - this guy was not prepared for my league. I cut him to prevent any nonsense. I felt he did not have what it took to play in my league.

      Again-I did not stack my league in my favor.