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  • Nandan Nandan Aug 13, 2011 10:46 PM Flag

    Why are running backs important?

    I've been told they're most important in winning leagues and they're ranked high by yahoo yet I checked last years fantasy pt totals (using standard H2H settings) and except for arian foster, all the top players were QBs. so aren't QBs more important?

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    • even though you have tried to thwart my scam warning agenda I will respond to this. 2 good rb's early....a good wr and qb 4 or 5 and decent backups makes a pretty decent team...but...if your guys score...you win...if they don't...crying towel....I always look ahead to my weekly match ups with my opposition and what I will be facing that particular week and I get a little foresight as to what I need when the bye weeks approach....we all have different theories...good luck...but do not tread on my scam warnings....I AM HERE FOR A REASON....enjoy your season

    • Because they run and catch the ball..Also they score the TDs..RBs are the heart and soul of Fantasy Football..Let someelse have Vick or Rodgers in the 1st round and grab you a RB with value..

    • read up on some FF strategy. You'll find the main idea behind drafting a good RB is because there are so few of them compared to QB's. You can't wait till after round 1 r 2 to get a top RB while you could wait till round 6 or so to get a competitive QB. It has to do with the "value" of the player being picked. Google "Fantasy Football draft Strategy" or something like that and that will start you on your way to finding all this out.

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      • The main reason is not because there are fewer of them, but because we start such a high percentage of them. Each NFL teams starts 1 RB and 1 QB. Most fantasy leagues start 2 RBs and sometmes 3. We artificially inflate the RBs value by starting so many of them. We typically start 3/4 of the RBs and less than 40% of the QBs. For every RB committee you have that reduces the value of some RBs, you have QBs that you wouldn't think of starting.

        The #20 RB is somebody you'd rather start than the #20 QB.


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