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  • Cucumber Jones Cucumber Jones Aug 13, 2011 10:45 AM Flag

    Concern with lack of Managers Joining

    Does anyone else have a problem with other managers joining their league? The draft is a week away and I wanted it to be filled with "random" owners that chose to come to the league rather than buddies.

    But I've just had one person join.

    I wouldn't have a concern if it weren't for the uniqueness of my league (thus, possibly a lack of interest in it).

    I crammed a lot of unconventional settings into one league to see how it plays out throughout the year. The starting roster looks like this:

    2 QB, 2 DEF, 2 WR, 2 RB, WR/TE, WR/TE/RB, K

    And its also 1/2 PPR as well. I'm just wondering if I will have to change something? Or will people join eventually?

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    • too many leagues on Yahoo , there might be 15-20 leagues at one certain time ..

    • People really don't join these free leagues in advance - and when they do they don't show up for the draft
      You will have more people the day of the draft if they signed up for the league the day of the draft.

    • I havent had a problem and I use Defense players over Team DEF with the defensive scoring that is as high as offense.

      I also do points for a reception along with points for a completion and points for return yardage and all FGs only 3 points.

      Every time I post my advertisement I get 2-3 emails with people wanting to join. And draft is next week.

      All I got to say is its how you word your advertisment.

      - Make sure you post your league settings
      - I dont post league information I make people email me their interest first and have them tell me about their fantasy experience. I think this way people know Im only looking for good owners.
      - Make sure if its a keeper league you have the keeper rules posted in your advertisement otherwise people wont care.
      - Make sure you post when you are drafting.
      - Make sure it looks as professional as possible (spelling is correct and its easily readable and not a wall of words)

      Note, if it isnt a keeper league it will be harder to get people to join because people dont join random commissioners private leagues unless its a keeper league or it is a money league.

      One of my pet peeves is when a commish posts looking for active owners, well no kidding no commish is looking for dead weight.

    • I've been finding the same thing. A lot of people aren't joining until the day of the draft. It's rough. I have 8 out of 12 managers and it's taken me 2 weeks to get that - my draft is August 30th though.


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