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    Strategy Gurus:Help!

    I play in a 6 team league that starts 2QBs, 3RBs, 4WRs, 2TE, 1DEF, & 1 K.

    I'm drafting from the 5 position in a snaking draft. Assuming C.J. will not be holding out by draft time...it's likely that Rice will be available for my first pick, as well as all the QBs. I could go RB/QB might be the most common route to go...but I could also go QB/QB...and talking to the guy picking 6th, I know that Vick is not on his list. So I could easily draft Rodgers & Vick. QBs get 6pts for TDs, 20 yds. per point. With 2 QBs starting...elites are at a premium. What strategy would you guys use...and why? Thanks in advance!

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    • thanks sean...

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    • I'm in an 8 team league with the exact lineup setup. If you believe in VBD (Value based drafting), you should probably go RB RB and then QB. Last year the top 10 fantasy players (not total points scored but points scored vs. others at the same position) were all RB's. That is similar to most years.

      The dropoff from QB1 to QB12 (the last starting spot in your league) is not nearly as steep as the dropoff from RB1-3 to RB 16-18 (the last starting RB spots in your league) or from WR1-5 to WR20-24.

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      • thanks, Sean!

        To a great degree I do believe in VBD, but here’s where I see a problem. Predicting who those 10 Rbs will eventually be is near impossible. I don’t have the stats in front of me, but I know that of the preseason Top 20 Rbs, only about half of them go on to finish the season in the Top 20. Some of this is due to the fact that Rbs are more likely to miss games or seasons due to injury, some of it due to players just not producing up to expectations, and other random situations such as we saw w/ L.T. getting a lot more touches than expected and cutting into Shonne Greene’s production. Bottom line…it’s much easier to predict which QBS will meet expectations than Rbs…much to do with the fact that they just don’t get injured as often, which …just as importantly means that they’e much safer picks because they don’t go down to injury as often. Once again…if we knew who the top Rbs would be with greater consistency…RB/RB would definitely be the way to go because of the steeper dropoff - but we don’t know. I’m also concerned about a QB run starting…and if that happens …by the time my third pick comes back around…there may not be a single QB in the top 10 left. I’d then have to go QB QB to eliminate the chances of ending up with two lousy QB. I’m just not sure that combined with my two great running backs…these two lesser quality Qbs would result in my first four picks being of equal value to everyone else’s first four. Is there something I’m missing.?


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