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  • PITZ PITZ May 18, 2011 2:18 PM Flag

    Fantasy League 2011 (new rules)

    hey everyone,

    Does anyone know the rules that are used in the tv show "the league?"

    I have been commisioner of a similar league to theirs on the show but this upcomign season im looking to take it to the next level.

    Any imput would be greatly appreciated.


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    • I don't know why you are being attacked. However, the league I am running was based off of the first season. I had a 12 man team with everyone donating $10 each. On the third year I ordered a custom made trophy.

      Secondly, find fun and odd ways to gain draft priority. We joined a poker tournament at a Hard Rock Hotel Casino in Tampa. Placement was made by elimination. First one out was put in last place for the draft. Compared to the other players, we all sucked. But it was still fun.

      We also did a $5 bet on horses at the track. Everyone had to pick a different horse. With Twelve people, someone is guaranteed to win some cash, so that was double fun. None of us don't know anything about horse races.

      Most importantly, you guys have to attack each other at a personal level within the sanctity of the league on the forums. And the champion should get something. In "The League" the loser's buy the champion dinner.

      Random league rules:
      Commissioner determines game for draft order.
      Previous league champion determines where the draft party is.

    • the number one you have in the picture must be the number of brain cells you are working with.

    • The League is a funny show, but it is pretty clear to anyone who plays Fantasy Football that the writers of that show do NOT. So I would say go ahead and just use standard rules.

    • Judging by your picture, are you sure you're not 12 instead of 23? Or is 23 your IQ?


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