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  • Mary F. Mary F. Jan 13, 2011 6:29 PM Flag

    Alternative scoring

    You would still have the H2H but you would keep track of the wins and losses like hockey but use different numbers. Example: 3 pts for a win. 1 pt for a tie. 0 pts for a loss. To make it more interesting: 5 pts for a win against an undefeated opponent. -5 pts for a loss against a winless opponent. Bonus categories could be: Team with highest point total for week gets 10 pts (this will encourage players to think about who they play and who they bench) Team with lowest point total for week gets 0. Another concept: you could do what Miller Lite was doing in Yahoo all season long by having a different statistical category for each week and see what team matches that: Ex: QB with most TDs..the team with this QB would get 4 pts. Just some ideas for you to expand upon.


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