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  • DaBrink DaBrink Jan 13, 2011 3:18 PM Flag

    Alternative scoring

    Has anyone ever wanted a different scoring for Fantasy Football, but been limited by people's imagination?

    Next year me and some friends are going to be doing a league that's a mixture of H2H and points league. For comparison sake, it's similar to rotisserie in other sports.

    Each manager sets up their roster like normal with whatever positions the commish decides. Instead of scoring each week head to head against 1 other player, you get points based on how well you do against all other teams in your league on a weekly basis. In a 12-team league, whoever gets last place receives 0 pts (because they beat 0 teams,) first place that week would get 11 pts. (because they beat 11 teams,) and everyone between receives points based on how many teams they beat.

    You can do a 17 week season with whoever has the most at the end being the winner, or you can do what we're going to try by having a NASCAR style playoff where you reset the points for the top half and only those people are eligible for the championship. I took our scores for this season and doing the NASCAR playoff really doesn't result in any drastic differences than if we didn't do them, but it does give teams a chance that otherwise were out of the running (the purpose of a playoff.)

    We are going to be doing it through Yahoo! and using a points league to keep track of our scores and rosters, but doing our scoring in the message board at the bottom.

    What are some of your thoughts on this? Any ideas that you think would make this better? I'm trying to pitch the idea to Yahoo! but haven't really been able to get much of a response towards it.

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    • Seems like an interesting concept. Definitely seems it would be more fair than having H2H and hoping that in a week where you're 2nd in points, the guy you play isn't 1st in points.

    • You would still have the H2H but you would keep track of the wins and losses like hockey but use different numbers. Example: 3 pts for a win. 1 pt for a tie. 0 pts for a loss. To make it more interesting: 5 pts for a win against an undefeated opponent. -5 pts for a loss against a winless opponent. Bonus categories could be: Team with highest point total for week gets 10 pts (this will encourage players to think about who they play and who they bench) Team with lowest point total for week gets 0. Another concept: you could do what Miller Lite was doing in Yahoo all season long by having a different statistical category for each week and see what team matches that: Ex: QB with most TDs..the team with this QB would get 4 pts. Just some ideas for you to expand upon.


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