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  • Justin Justin Jan 2, 2011 8:10 PM Flag

    Got cheated out of a Championship

    In one of the private leagues that I play in I made it to the championship round against a team that had Mike Vick who of course was out week 17. Up until yesterday he had Trent Edwards starting for his squad. Its a 14 team league so its hard to find backups. I checked out our matchup last night and to my surprise he somehow had Peyton Manning, Rashard Mendanhall, Joe Webb, Steven Jackson, and Atlanta's Defense. He didn't have any of these players all week! So I check the free agency and there were two teams in the league that dropped those players and within a minute he had picked them up. All of the kids know and are friends with each other and I'm the lone man out. Basically it seems like there was collusion and they broke the rules stated by Yahoo to beat me! Now what doesn't make sense to me is that after emailing yahoo about this they decided that they couldn't do anything because it didn't want to take away from the "independent features that private leagues offer." I didn't realize that the terms of use and the rules do not apply to private leagues! The email also said that I should email the commissioner. Well I texted the commish since I know him in real life and he totally ignored the text. So now I'm getting screwed out of a championship unless Sam Bradford and Josh Brown get me a net point output of 80pts over Steven Jackson. I'm still in shock that something as cheap as this was allowed by Yahoo even though it clearly breaks the rules and I pointed out all of this within my report to Yahoo about the wrongdoing!

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