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  • Jason Jason Jan 1, 2011 8:27 AM Flag

    Quit Crying Over Joe Webb

    I don't know why so many people are crying over Joe Webb.
    1st. He was drafted as a WR so he should be able to be put in as one.
    2nd. In a game if a WR rushes the ball he still gets points even though he is not a RB. So think of it as if they are running wild cats every plays with a WR behind the center.

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    • good point!!!

    • I was a QB and A WILDCAT-, but that was after the game! I realize that they were able to MANIPULATE by using WEBB-MAN, but my dog's team beat them anyway-proving that PEYTON is as good as having 2 lower classed QBS!

    • Great idea........Joe the full time WR/Wildcat.

    • I disagree since the Vikings are starting him at QB so that changes his status. Yes he was drafted as a WR even though he played QB in college, and forced to play WR in a senior all-star game, yet in last days of the Vikings rookie camp they got him to throw some balls and decided to move him to 3rd string QB before preseason, he may have played all of like 3 plays all season till recently, but now he his starting at QB, change his status, I would hate to be in league why the guy that picked him up affected the championship, the guy that has in one my league is in the last place game, so doesn't really matter, other league no one has picked him up.

    • last year I played in a 20 team league and ended up with an injured QB. I had to start Julian Edelman, a third string WR with the Patriots that happened to be QB eligible. Not one person cried or complained when he caught a TD pass and got me 12 points as a WR in my QB slot.

    • Well I lost the championship game in my pool due to him being picked up and getting 16.9 points for my opponents team. So it does piss me off because QB position is the most volatile position!! And after managing a team all year loosing because of it ya it sucks but to be honest if I had a higher waiver position I would of got him on my roster so you just have to let it go.

    • I have always dreamed of being able to play a QB in a WR spot. Often I would have Randal El on my bench waiting for the day. Woodhead as an RB was great in a WR spot. My league prevents any draft pick ups until Wednesday. This way the advantage is to whoever is on top of the waiver wire. I picked up Webb when Jackson had his first limp and there was only a rumor that he would play. This was after everyone in the league had passed him over because Favre/Jackson were the starters. Playing him also has risks as QBs can and do end up with negative points.

      I got him because I was paying attention to what was going on in the NFL, reading all those stupid asterisks by the player's name and going to other free web sites. The way I see it, I earned the right to play Webb...against Detroit in week 17.

      Brees is my other QB and the only player I am playing in week 17 that I originally drafted. I am 13-2 and I have been stomping my opponents.

    • Its as simple as this...we know that Joe Webb was drafted as a wide receiver. But he has never lined up as one. i think in this case the only fair thing to do for anyone's league would be to not play him. Quarterbacks touch the ball every play of the game. They have the possibility to score points on every play. so on average quarter backs score way more points than WR's. In Danny Woodhead's case being a WR and a RB is comparable, especially on a team like the Patriots, so it didn't bother anyone. You might think your smart and cool by playing Webb but the truth is, you probably would have had no chance to win without him. Also most of you probably didn't win with him. It was a loop hole in the system that can't be fixed until next season, people will always exploit that. They will just yell and get mad when people call them out on their crap. if you want to be a real champion play a real WR, they play the game every week, and they sure as hell wouldn't want their spot on the roster taken up by a QB. I honestly hope Webb chokes this week, then I can laugh at all of you.

    • I use Danny Woodhead for a WR.....he shares the running game with Green Ellis......so what.....he gets points for either position....USE WEBB AS YOU PLEASE!!! I think he is going to be a GREAT QB with his running/scrambling ability.....after all that's what made Vick a superstar! GOOD LUCK!

    • I can see if player is a WR/RB like Woodhead but as a QB/WR? The QB touches the ball every offensive possession and a WR has maybe 3-6 receptions at most per game. I understand that he was drafted as a WR, but the fact of the matter is having 2 QBs start on a team is unfair to the league. It is a loop hole in the rules.

      Yahoo really needs to make this change next year as having a player like Webb starting at QB gets points in the WR position when he did not even catch a ball!

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