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  • Mary F. Mary F. Dec 31, 2010 8:12 PM Flag

    Not since the year of Marquis Colston WR/TE..

    ...has there been a fantasy football year that ended with so much ___________. Yup go ahead, fill in the blank. For every post on this message board, there will be a different fill in, as it should be we are all created differently. Each response is a different point of view, a different emotion..based on whether you were a player, a commissioner of a league. Whether you played for thousands of dollars or no money at all. Whether you won fairly, won unfairly, lost unfairly or lost fairly. This simple truth is that fantasy football will be forever changed by this season. Will owners take dual position players much more quickly than necessary off our summer draft boards and waiver wires just because they are now the new gold? Will people trust others less now because they were cheated by commissioners? Will they now just stick with people who they know well and forget about public leagues all together? Did sportsmanship in general, take a serious step backwards within these last 3 weeks with this Webb-gate? Did cheating become the new fantasy game within the game...aka commishes changing points and rosters after the games are in progress? Money on the line changes everything, including the minds of good people making poor decisions to take victories unearned. We, who play the game of fantasy football, are all responsible for the health of our hobby. In 2011 be the change you want to see in Fantasy Football.

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    • I played the game with vigor and tenacity this year with 37 teams managed. I got hosed in a couple of leagues but managed to win a few championships and placed 2nd and 3rd in many leagues that I should have won. I managed every team with integrity and honor and if you cheat, well that's on you because I have 36 other teams to run and I'm darn good at it..

    • Interesting responses -- so far. Got a couple name callings 'sissies' and 'crappy public leagues' ... all conjecture...and I'm not looking for rehashing of Webb and please he is NOT changing fantasy football...people's behaviors do that.. What I'm looking for are responses regarding sportsmanship. There is another thread running currently for Commish Advice and the last post said cheat, cheat, cheat your way to the top. Boy if that's the advice this poster is giving to a would-be commissioner....enough said!

    • Good call. I used Rice over Webb, because Webb is unfair as a WR, and I lost by 6 (would have won much more money with Webb). No regrets, I can look my friends in the eye, and cheating to win is just pathetic (even if it is technically within the rules we all know it's cheating, nobody on these boards used Webb as a QB). Maybe Mark Sanchez, Chad Henne, or others should also be WR's because they line up as WR occasionally in the wildcat. FF is just a game. I'm sure all the Webb users are in public leagues who don't have to worry about facing those they know they pulled one over on.

    • fantasy football will not change one iota due to Webb. This is not something new. the game will not change in the slightest.


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