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  • I plan to be a commissioner next year and I was wondering if there is any advice that some commishes can give me.

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    • Just be diplomatic, don't play favorites. Whatever rules you have, make sure everyone follows them.

    • i've been a commissioner for several years now, and boy can i give you some advice!

      1. go over every rule you can possibly think of BEFORE the season starts...stick by those rules, never change them, and be certain that everyone understands that they will be upheld...and that failure to abide by them will mean penalties. Make as certain as is possible that the penalties are clear from the beginning. In fact...put things in writing and have everyone sign off on them.
      2. make it just as clear that trouble makers will have their asses kicked out of the league after one warning. For instance: smack talk is one thing...and no one should be "thin-skinned"...but when the smack talk gets personal....it needs to stop IMMEDIATELY.
      3. either appoint a co-commissioner...or have the league vote someone they trust to take that position. (preferably not your best friend...so there won't be cries of favoritism if a matter pertains to either of you). this takes some of the pressure off of you ...as well as telling the league that you want and value the advice of others when the inevitable disputes arise.
      4. be fair. by all means...be fair. but...don't allow yourselve to be bullied into making decisions that you think are "wrong". stand your ground and don't back down unless you feell you've made a mistake...then be man enough to make the change. (one exception....don't change rules mid-season)
      5lastly...and this pertains to everything else I've said...you have to keep control of the league. if you do so from the beginning...it will be much easier to maintain control throughout the season. When i say control...I don't mean that you are a Hitler-like control freak...just that you maintain order. Actually...the least you do in regard to "bossing " people around the betterr. Be a facilitator as much as is possible and nothing more.

      If I sat here long enough I could think of a gazillion specifics...but if you follow these basics....you'll be well on the road to being a successful commish! hope this helps...and good luck...you'll need it. mark my word...there will always be at least one "dick" that you'll have to deal with.

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      • Excellent advise!! I used the Commissioner's Note feature that stated the rules and regulations of the league and left it up all season long as means of 'putting it in writing'. Be as TRANSPARENT as a window and you'll earn the trust of your owners. As a woman commish, I had all men on my league, most were complete strangers in my public league. And I am happy to say I didn't have a 'dick' among them. We had an excellent season and 85% will be returning next year..sadly 3 leaving for health reasons :(

    • cheat cheat cheat thats what u should do cheat ur way to the top.


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