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  • winkleberry winkleberry Dec 29, 2010 1:04 PM Flag

    Can't Stand People Whining About Webb

    Look loosers, you knew from the onset of the league you joined what the points were going to be. You agreed on points per rush, reception, pass completions, TDs, kick returns, defense, and everything else. It's entirely your choice to employ who you are going to use on your team. If you wanted to get points from kick returns or more points for passing TDs, that was your perrogative, but do it at the start of the season, not right now. If a guy who never played football in the NFL at the start of the season is the reason why you're a looser in the Championship game, then your team didn't deserve to win anyways.

    I personally had no need to go with Webb. My guy Rodgers killed everyone with 400 yards and 4 TDs. I won even if my opponent would have had Webb in there. If I would have lost, it was my fault, since i was thinking about doing it myself.

    Just admit defeat and go back to the drawing board next year.

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    • my foe in the final had webb and vick.. i still won by 27 1/2 points..

    • I was a winner against the 2 QB thing, but I had Peyton who really is worth 3 QBS- You are wrong about calling me a loser. WHEN I WAS IN COLLEGE I THREW 36 TD passes and was listed as a QB, not a WR- SO SHOVE IT!

    • I disagree, if someone in you league plays Webb at WR, thats a problem since he has no chance of playing WR during the game as he plays QB. I feel it's a loop hole that yahoo needs to fix and also feel it's unethical.

    • i totally agree funny thing after i won my semis with webb our commish removed him from my lineup and didnt replace him with anyone.i would have won with either my other wrs and would have won the finals as well .our commish [beamdreamteam@yahoo.com] cost me $275.00. dont play in this mans league he is a cheating scumbag

    • Webb was not a fair play, regardless of how good your team is. He was designated as WR so he could return a punt when he was 3rd string. He didn't ever catch a ball. And should not have kept his WR tag when he moved into QB. But Yahoo is a failing company, there is a reason they just lost 4% of their workforce, and who is going to monitor a free fantasy football program. NOBODY! I refuse to do Yahoo Fantasy leagues next year. What a joke!

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      • Kevin you argue that Webb gives a team 2 QBs. OK so playing Webb gives a team 2 QBs. Their regular starting QB & a rookie 3rd string QB. Truthfully Kevin is not a solid WR better than a rookie 3rd string QB? However that is not the point. Webb played WR this year (tho no receptions) & therefore legitimately earned dual positions. Very fair. Just like when Colston was WR & TE eligible a few years ago. Your argument has no merit Kevin.

      • Oh so true Kevin!! Thank you for sayingn that Yahoo messed up here!!! Webb should have been changed from wr slot to qb!

      • Being a Vikings fans, I watched all their games this year. Webb DID indeed see several snaps at WR during the regular season. In certain WR packages. Mostly when Rice was still on the PUP list. And he was drafted as a WR. Look, I would have a problem with a guy getting dual eligibility if he never saw any snaps at one of the positions he's eligible for. But Webb DID actually play both positions during the regular season and that's the key point here. So why shouldn't he get dual eligibility just like Woodhead or McCluster or Colston a couple years ago. I have heard no complaints about Woodhead and McCluster's dual eligibility this year! Webb is just a rare player with rare position designations. I had a guy play Webb against me in one league and it almost cost me a champioship in that league. I had no problem with it. Just wished I would have got to him before the other guy. Props to him for being on the ball.

    • Webb DID PLAY WR this season. Yahoo was right. The limp wristed whiners are wrong. You know there is no shame in losing, but much shame in whining!!

    • I agree 100%. You made a lot of people happy by saying what you did. People who are down graded and being called cheaters just for picking up Joe Webb is not right. We all play the game the same way, and that is to win. The rules are the rules, period. I just think there are some people that don't follow the sport enough to see what is going on and they are the ones to complain the most, because of their non-awairness!!!! Great write up!!!!

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      • i'd bet hard earned money that all the whiners complaining about "the Webb thing"...are the same people who have caused other problems in their leagues throughout this season...and probably every season they've ever played. I've been a commish for several years...and this year, I finally got tired of the sh*theads that cause such problems and booted two of their asses out early in the season. I'd love to have had this guy in my league so that I could have booted his whining ass to the curb by about week 2....


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