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  • RimZ™ RimZ™ Dec 31, 2010 5:55 PM Flag

    Can't Stand People Whining About Webb

    if joe webbs points are wrong, then so is any other player at any time who throws a pass, but not the QB. So all wildcat plays with a RB taking snaps (Ronnie Brown) end around handoffs to WR who throw the ball (Antwan Randle El) and anyone else who scores in any way that is not the norm of their position should never count.

    good luck with that.

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    • You know you are absolutely right, but dont expect whiners to admit it. They want to find some reason to justify their failure, LOL. Another thing too. Even if they were right (which they are not) about Webb allowing teams to have 2 QBS there are still problems with their argument. 1st, So team has 2 QBs. The 1st their regular starting QB & the 2nd a 3rd string rookie QB. Is not a solid WR better than a 3rd string rookie QB? BTW if Webb gives team 2 QBs then they have 1 fewer WR. 2nd, they could have picked up Webb themselves but were either too lazy or did not care enough to do it. Their whining makes me want to puke on them. Period.


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