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    Yahoo's Webb Explanation!

    Since this seems to be the topic of conversation STILL....
    anyone thinking Yahoo will change his status? NOPE..read this.

    taken from this site!

    Vikings WR Joe Webb playing QB
    Last Updated: December 17, Save this article to My Help for easy reference. You can visit the article at any time from any computer.

    Joe Webb was initially drafted by the Vikings with the intention of converting him from a QB to a WR. Based on Minnesota's roster needs, Webb was moved to QB on their depth chart in the off season after he had been awarded WR eligibility. Once eligibility has been assigned to a player, it cannot be removed during the season under any circumstances. Joe Webb will retain eligibility at both positions for the remainder of the season.

    If you are participating in a private league, you may want to discuss this issue with your commissioner as they have the ability to enforce offline rules and prevent Webb from being used at a WR position.

    You receive scoring for all players in your active lineup based on their performances in actual professional football games. All active players receive fantasy points for all scoring categories selected in your league.

    For example, if a WR were to throw a touchdown pass, he would receive the corresponding points for a touchdown pass as determined by your league settings.

    Players may be eligible at multiple positions during the current Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football season. Initial position eligibility was determined based on past participation and information supplied by the teams during the off-season.

    Players will earn eligibility at a new position only when their primary position has changed and the change is not expected to be a temporary one. For example, a defensive lineman who lines up at tight end or in the backfield during goal line situations WILL NOT earn eligibility at a new position.

    Players will not lose position eligibility when moving from one position to another. If a TE begins to play at RB, he will be eligible for the remainder of the season as both a TE and RB.

    When a player has earned eligibility at a new position, the position will be visible on the pull-down position menu on your team roster. Changes will be made during the season as soon as new information is available to us.

    All players earn fantasy points for all of your league's categories. Points coming from categories not normally associated with a player's position (e.g., a kicker who throws a touchdown pass) are called miscellaneous points and are indicated by a "" to the right of a player's point total.

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