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  • Kenny Kenny Dec 22, 2010 3:24 AM Flag

    Joe Webb QB AND WR!?!?!?

    Ok.....I know there are people arguing both sides of this. Some say that he should not be listed as a WR period. Others are all for it if Yahoo allows it and feel that people are only complaining because they didn't pick Webb up.
    Well....I think it really depends on individual leagues and scoring. I personally think it is an inaccurate listing to have the option to put Webb in as a WR or Flex in your lineup. He has been the 3rd QB all year. The only reason he was even listed as a WR was because he used his athletic ability as both a QB and WR to make the team. To my knowledge Webb has not taken a snap as a WR all year. How then can you list him as an option for WR? My issue is that in my league, QB's rule. This is the exception in most FFB leagues, where RB's usually put up the most points. QB's get equal points for passing TD's as rushing or receiving TD's, so being able to play an extra QB is a HUGE advantage in my league.....especially now in the championship game. My problem is that Webb has not played WR, but is listed as one. What if Sanchez, Henne, or any QB that's team runs the Wild Cat offense were listed with the QB/WR option? They at least play multiple plays a game and/or season at WR in those formations. This would cause all sorts of chaos and really disrupt the vaule of players and draft order for leagues. This is exactly what is happening now with Webb.....and he doesn't even line up or play WR. He is listed and will be the starting QB for the Vikings.....PERIOD. This is not a situation where a position player comes in as an emergency QB or throws a pass during a trick play. Joe Webb will take EVERY snap from center barring injury. To be able to place him at the Flex or WR position is an inaccurate and unfair loophole. I am a little bias because I'm in the championship playing a team who has Webb lined up at the Flex. I didn't and still don't want him in my starting lineup, but the team I'm playing has QB issues and by having an extra QB gives him a significant advantage to pull a win out of his ass if by some miricle Webb has a halfway decent game. Again, it comes down to scoring. In my league, even the worst QB puts up good to very good stats compared to a WR. I'm not mad at my opponent for picking Webb up. I think it's a smart move.....but I hope that Yahoo and/or my Commissioner make the change in order to allow the championship game to possibly come down to a scrub QB in the wrong position outscoring a quality flex player who legitimately plays WR/RB. If you want to play Webb at QB....do you! But don't allow a championship to possibly come down to a loophole.....I'm looking at you Yahoo!

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