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  • BloodyHeadSports BloodyHeadSports Dec 23, 2010 2:45 AM Flag

    Joe Webb QB AND WR!?!?!?

    ESPN commented on this ( on fantasy football now last Sunday morning) they said Yahoo had him listed at QB/WR and they said it would be a good but sneaky way to pick up points. These are the professionals who get paid to talk fantasy football and to give advice.... there advice was it would be a "good but sneaky way" they never said "dont do it" ... the only reason we are discussing this is because someone had the wherewithal to and smarts to get him first... it is not cheating... just luck!

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    • Yeah.....definately. It is lucky, sneaky, and strategic. But it shouldn't be an option. Espn, CBS Sportsline, and every other FFB league has him as a QB. I can't say it enough....it's not on the team owner. They're taking advantage of a Fuck up by Yahoo. It is on Yahoo, and they need to address and adjust the position listing. There is no reason for Webb to be listed as a WR. Apparently he played 2 games as WR, returned kicks, and played special teams. He's the 3rd string QB with NO catches all year. He bet you anything that he played less snaps at WR than QB's who's teams run the Wild Cat offense. Other than Yahoo lists him as a WR....there is NO reason for him to be a QB/WR.