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  • Shawn M Shawn M Dec 20, 2010 10:52 PM Flag

    is this considered cheating?

    AP is out so a team picked up Johnny Knox off of FREE AGENCY BEFORE THE GAME! and that costed someone their playoffs and is now playing for 3rd place..... I want opinions I am commissioner and I want to have everyone's views on this.

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    • You know what? Next year don't run a chump league... use waivers. You wouldn't have this issue if there was a waiver process. Free Agents lock at noon on Sunday.
      Why anyone wouldn't use waivers is beyond me. Without waivers I can call my buddy and say "hey I'm gonna drop so and so now... so if you want him, grab before anyone else sees." Thats just lame

    • lol... that's pretty lame...

    • Not cheating. That's the nature of the imaginary game.

    • Actually, He has posted 3....:)

    • If I'm not mistaken, you have now made two threads asking the same question in different ways..... I have read through both and while you claim to be asking for opinions, it seems more like you are looking for reassurance in you decision.... because the OVERWHELMING majority of people (myself included) think what you did is unfair, yet you keep ignoring those opinions and fishing for ones that back your move up.

      As commish of my league, coaches made a few odd request throughout the season.... I always heard them out and if I didn't veto the request immediately, I always put it to a league vote (to get other coaches opinions) ultimately as commish you should have final say, because some people will always vote nay just cause they aren't benefiting... that being said, the reason I say the move is unfair is because like many others stated, we all know when yahoo locks out free agents and part of fantasy is make tough drops and pickups as backups just in case...

      You can't say now that you would do it for anyone, because frankly other may not have even thought to ask because the rules are so clear. It's the playoffs and it was a bum move on your part imo, but like I also said as commish you should have the final say.... so if you think you were fair, grow a pair and stop looking for reassurance on the message boards cause it seems like you yourself knows deep down it was a bs move....

      Lastly in my manifesto... the whole starting Joe Webb in a wr slot was bs too(not in reference to your question but other peoples post) even though yahoo allowed it... essentially it gives a team 2 qbs which is one of the almost guaranteed decent point producers... and unless your league is a two QB league its bs.... to get QB points in a wr slot and as soon as I found out it was possible I sent a message to my league that his points would only be counted if played in the QB slot... to allow anything else is just weak... and a pathetic way to try and beat someone...

    • Clearly cheating. A serious league would not stand for that. Obviously not a serious league.

    • Unless an actual rule was broken, this was actually a great move on his part if he was paying attention and benched a player who was going to be out. If a rule was broken, then it is cheating.

    • Well... considering that YOU are the commissioner, obviously he didn't cheat to pick him up. So... no its not cheating. Why would you think it is?

    • Shawn,
      if this coming weekend is your leagues championship game, i suggest you should have a rematch between those two team and push back the the bowl game till week 17...if not you should compensated the guy with his money back..In fantasy football what you did was not wrong..but in Yahoo FF you bent the rule..and it hurt one of the member..AP's owner should have had a replacement anyway..Your in the playoff c'mon man!!!! Why wouldnt have a backup plan..

    • But from what I see in this case is that since the fact that ur commissioner you probably changed the rules in your league seconds before the game so if this is the case ur guilty of cheating

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