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  • David David Dec 20, 2010 8:59 PM Flag

    Executive Decision

    Commissioners need to be able to control their league, and not allow Yahoo to control their league. I made a decision on Sunday that Joe Webb could only be played in the QB slot and told owners to not try or they would be locked. I also made a ruling that the owner of AP could drop him and add Gerhardt today because he called me 2 hours before the game started.

    Commissioners don't Let Yahoo ruin your league.

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    • You posting on these boards about your "Executive Decision" shows that you are as has been pointed out power tripping.

    • It's your league and your choice. Yahoo rules are not the end all be all of how a league should be run. The reason the commish has this type of power is so that they and their owners can run the league how they see fit.

      He both owners agreed to this alteration then good for them. That's their choice.

      Bottom line: Yahoo rules are NOT law.

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      • It is if your league is to have any integrity. Which is also why some attempts at commish changes result in leagues being reset or messed up beyond repair because the commish is trying to make changes against the Yahoo settings. The commish job is NOT to change rules and results but to govern the league to the standards set forth by Yahoo. The only thing the commish has any right to do is to set the league settings and scoring BEFORE the season starts and to help make corrects and reset rosters based in unethical acts by managers such as dropping all players or collusion trades.

    • so basically, it all boils down to you and all the other players in your league were too lazy to spend the 10 minutes it would have taken BEFORE drafting to READ the rules, right?

      and, now, to make up for your incompetence, you decide at the last minute to change how the rules are enforced.

      ok, great, remind me to NEVER join a league where you are the commish...

    • David, does your league have a flex position? If so, why did the team with AP not have him in that spot as he was Q, and why did they not have a backup ready? By allowing the change now when Yahoo says midnight Sunday, you have allowed that team to have extra players available for all but this game. Then you decide he should be helped because he did not manage his team, sorry that is not being a commish, that is being used. Even if u do not have a flex position he should have had a backup in place based on AP's status, you take risks in FF, you can not reward the guy for not being prepared.

    • You keep on saying you did not know of the rule until today!!!! Well as a commissioner for your league that is the problem in itself. You as Commish should know and enforce ALL the rules. The fact you did not know about it today is of no concern. The fact is that people are just making a stink about it cause its AP. I am sure another person before this played a guy on a Monday and was ruled out. Case in point Antonio Gates: people were told to add his backup Randy McMichael just in case he was ruled ineligible to play on their last Monday Night game. If you have good preparation then your league owners and you yourself would know this rule. but who really cares. You aren't my commish LOL

    • What we have here folks is a commish who is too stubborn to admit that he went too far and exceeded his power to basically help someone cheat. He went beyond the rules set out by Yahoo and is too arrogant to admit he was wrong even after the rule is laid out perfectly in front of him. Just move one people and make sure to take note of this guy's ID and just stay away from his league. He's bad news and no integrity in a league where the commish run amok.

    • so what did you do to woodhead owners who put him in the wr spot?

    • but EVERYONE ELSE have to have Monday players signed by Sunday.........EVERYONE else....thats how it works man always has. its just more exposed in playoffs

    • Totally separate rule. You can turn that off if you want, and our league had it turned off.

    • No. That rule is for owners who don't watch every game. If someone gets injured or a new player blow up everyone has a fair chance to claim him. It may affect players who have played also not sure.

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