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  • As commish, you should of been on this situation way before now.. if you would have made a decision to lock him it should of been done Saturday.. that way the person would have other options than sidney rice not that sidney rice isnt worth a start there but the guy will probably go to his bench find the highest scoring non QB/K/Def and claim he was going to start that guy instead of WEBB.. Yahoo should of been on top of this.. its a screwwy situation. yes it's easy for all you people who picked him up and are now starting him to defend him.. but either way NFL teams that wanna have the "slash" players on their team should have to verify one or the other at game time.. its really bringing a lot of drama into the fantasy world.. which inturn brings them revenue.. this webb situation is a joke and most people picked him up out of desperation.. i would love for him to get benched after a few INT's and get benched. all you cheaters would really be begging for yahoo to change the rules..Karma shall prosper

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