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  • John G John G Dec 20, 2010 1:08 PM Flag

    Lock Joe Webb?

    being fair means LEAVING THINGS THE HELL ALONE! why put it up for vote...suddenly at the end of the season when things are on the line? there have been twelve duel designation players in the league all season...and you didn't vote on anything before ...correct? everyone had a chance to pick up Webb and play him...so why penalize the one person who made the smart play? i'm a commissioner of several years...and one thing i NEVER....REPEAT...NEVER DO....IS CHANGE RULES AFTER THE SEASON HAS STARTED.....and you'll be wise not to as well....your intentions may be good...but it borders on cheating....

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    • The problem when using the Woodhead/McCluster situation, or the other slash guys is that now it threatens the competitive spirit of the league at this pay day time of the season. The other slashes had no QB factor, so starting them in WR or RB was not as big a deal. I am facing a team in the championship game next week and this guy has Vick at QB and Webb playing WR. It is BS and Yahoo should reclassify players when it has the ability to harm the fairness of matchups and the overall integrity of the league.


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