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  • Justin C Justin C Dec 18, 2010 11:34 PM Flag

    Power Hungry commish

    I would like everyone to voice their opinion. i have a commissioner who is one of my best friends. his neighbor is playing one of my friends neither of them know. My friend picked up webb and is starting him at wr. the commissioner is threatening to bench webb and give him a zero if he starts him at wr. dont you all agree that is bs. that shouldnt be a commissioners decision. please respond.. id liek to show him this post

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    • That's absolute BS. Im the commish of my league and I have webb going against me at WR and thats just the way it goes. Why does everyone think all of a sudden this guy is going to put up big numbers? There going to run with AP all day and prob get nowhere.

    • Your commissioner is WAY out of bounds. If he makes good on this threat, I would either leave that league, or insist he step down. He can't make such decisions unilaterally.

    • How come no one complains about Woodhead or McCluster... both RB/WR? And ATL had a QB/WR too... from Alcorn, but name escapes me. Colston had the TE/WR tag his rookie year. I had him and it was a huge advantage starting him at TE.

      Because another player is talented enough to play QB/WR you'll hold it against him/owner.

      Not fair.

      Kordell Stewart had the tag for 1-2 years as well. I had him and people complained. The second year... the biggest whiner got him the following season, but he loss the WR tag. lol

    • i think some ppl over think this ff too much.... i think the commish is definitely stepping out of bounds... yahoo decided what positions they play.... sry. guy (commish), but u should step down... being the commish means u have to be fair &honest. nowhere does it say u decide who starts or what position the pro plays... for the record, starting webb at wr is a huge gamble bc hes probably gonna give u negative pts (interceptions up the ass)...

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      • sound wisdom from a young man. it's nice to see someone your age making sense and understanding that a commissioner shouldn't just change the rule as he sees fit. i actually don't think these guys are "over thinking" the matter...they just suffer from something called "rebelliousness"...something usually attrbiuted to young guys like you. some guys never grow up. some are practically born..."grown up". your dad should be proud of you....

    • I am a Commish of a 14 team money league. My team is playing against Webb this week. Completions = 1 point. Yahoo's decision to designate Webb's positions is highly significant in leagues like mine.
      So many weigh their arguments on Webb's performance according to standard scoring. They don't realize that many of Yahoo's leagues are custom scoring, weather it be PPR, IDP, completion league, or all three.
      I believe that this is a blatant attempt by Yahoo to force leagues into standard scoring. No other reputable fantasy site is regarding Webb's dual eligibility.
      Any one in a completion league knows that Qb's dominate the scoring in your league. And that a Qb having a horrible outing can still score 25 points; a score by any other position is considered prolific.
      I always suspected Yahoo sucked but now it's confirmed.

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      • 99.999% of yahoo leagues do not have a stat set so high that it will greatly impact the league with players like these..

        1 point per completion is a LOT..

        Basically your complaint is yahoo is not taking a tiny minority into account.. which for all intents and purposes is not feasible.

        The guy is rightly slotted at two positions.. What exactly is yahoo suppose to do? Remember these guys are slotted at the beginning of the season at which time this guy was neither a WR or QB.. he was drafted as a QB in college but the vikes were going to move him to WR.. with absolutely no experience he was slotted correctly..

        Furthermore, EVERYONE had the chance to get him waiver permitted.. (and keeping high waiver slots is all part of the game)..

      • as i said in another post on this subject...i don't like yahoo's ruling on this...but their are twelve other duel designation players in the league...this didn't just suddenly occur when they heard webb would be starting this week. i think all of us who have complaints need to contact yahoo...hope they listen, and make changes for next season...instead of whining like many are doing and calling people who play webb...cheaters.(not talking about you, sir)

        i don't want to sound dismissive of your assertion about yahoo...but answer me this: what would yahoo have to gain by trying to pressure people into playing by standard/default setting?

    • sounds to me like your commish is scared and going to get beat .. he is a puss and he needs to bench all of his own players..

    • john...you're the one coming off looking like a tool...the first thing you had to say was an insult about the guy's age and his having to ask for "life lessons". i'm sure you spend lots of time on here being an ass... if you need to have the last word (which no doubt you will)...go ahead. ...continue making a fool of yourself...i've got better things to do than continue to talk to the village idiot. now, go back to your cheetos and stale beer...and don't forget to rewind the retro porn tape your mom bought you last christmas...

    • Actually meathead he ASKED others for their opinions. Do you see him complaining about what i said? So instead of offering your own opinion you have to stop by and make some idiotic post and threaten physical violence.

      So next time use that big ol' melon of your and make a sensible post instead of coming off as a complete retard and maybe you will get some more respect.

      By the way here is a life lesson for you. Just because something isn't against the rules or law doesn't make it morally right.

      If he didn't have hesitation about it, then he wouldn't be here asking for other peoples advice. He is just trying to justify his own thoughts as to why he thinks his friend is making the correct decision.

      Next time don't be a douche bag, and you wont look like such a tool.

    • Crazy... The commish is stepping way out of bounds(no feet in)... Yahoo decieded the position designation and thus.... I picked webb up as a defensive mechanism but if you got him roll with it...

    • Are you really 54 and looking for life advice on the yahoo fantasy football message boards?

      I think you need to calm down and use your brain for a minute. Obviously he isnt "power hungry" and again its obvious that a QB should be played at WR.



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