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  • Howard B Howard B Dec 16, 2010 3:43 PM Flag

    Joe Webb's WR eligibility should be removed

    Yahoo has him listed as both a WR and a QB. This is playoff time and too many sneaky owners are going to try and exploit this glitch in the system. If someone starts him as a WR or flex option, they will be receiving his stats/points for all passing yards and TDs, no?

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    • So are you suggesting that when Vick/Tebow rushes 50-60 yds for TDs, it should not be counted?

      Or if Jay Feely rushes, the TD shouldn't have been counted?

      Or, if a team runs a wildcat or trick play and someone else throws to the QB, then the QB should not get receiving pts, and the thrower doesn't get throwing pts?

      What about punt returners scoring TDs?

      It's not a glitch. The team lists him as QB, WR

    • Orton lined up as a wr this year as well....

    • It's not true the only people "whining" about Joe Webb are the ones who don't have him. I had plenty of opportunity to pick him up but didn't because it's unsportsmanlike to start two QB's in a one QB league. I looked at my four (yes, only FOUR) bench players and didn't want to have to face any of them next week if I won just to pick up Webb to prevent someone from being a douche in my league. Who ends up being the douche? The Commissioner.

      Yahoo Sucks, they should eliminate dual eligibility, and a QB/WR is just plain ridiculous. My league favors the QB position (though has gotten better in the last two years) and the Commish rather than making a ruling banning Webb as a WR like ESPN, CBS, or Fanball RIGHTLY have him listed, is the one to pick him up and possibly exploit the situation.

      It's lousy and I'm called a whiner though I'm on the side of Justice. Explain why ALL the other FF leagues out there only have him listed as QB but it's Fair since Yahoo is stupid and lists him as WR it's okay to start him.

      I say anyone arguing it's fair is excited to possibly get an UNFAIR advantage and so are calling anyone else a whiner, even though the alleged whining side is on the side of Right. You must all be Republicans, where you get Right mixed up with Right. Which are two entirely different things.

    • I was able to get him, and will use him as my WR3 over some pretty solid WRs: TO, Marshall, Collie, SRice & Woodhead.

      Kordell Stewart had the Wr/QB tag for one year, which I also took advantage of.

      I had drafted Vick last year hoping he would get the same QB/WR tag, especially if Mcnabb went down. I drafted Vick this year w/ diff expectations. I didn't think Kolb would hold the job w/ a prior ProBowl QB on the bench... plus the Eagles OL struggled early on so I figured they need a more mobile QB.

    • if Joe Webb is listed as QB/WR then Michael Vick should be listed as QB/RB.

      This is not Danny Woodhead or Julian Edeleman, this is freaking Joe Webb. A starting QB should be only available as a starting QB, having a "sneaky move" or "scam" is not part of fantasy football.

      If I wanted a two QB system in my league i would have done that in the first place yahoo. FIX THIS BLAH-HOO.

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      • do you whiners not hear yourselves? i don't like the duel designation myself...but it's a fair play by the rules yahoo has set up...so why waste time whining line a bunch of little girls? i'm sure that every coach in the league has a problem with many of the rules that are in place...but do you hear them acting like this? my god...grow up and play by the rules. send your thoughts on the need for a rule change to yahoo and hope they listen. until then....you sound like jealous petulent 4 year olds...

    • Arent we all "sneaky" owners..lol I was sneaky when I picked up Westbrook when Gore went down...I was sneaky when I picked up Goodson and Stewart when Williams went down....come on ...sneaky is part of the game

    • so if brady got injured last year and edelmen ended up being the QB then he should be dropped from being a WR? What about Jordy nelson? Should something happen to Flynn this weekend he is the QB, theres another problem. Fact is that is this hadnt come up no one would have cared. Can't change it now and if people had a problem they should have been clamoring for change 15 weeks ago.

    • I have Woodhead and Webb! I dont have to start a WR at all. 4 Rbs and 2 QBs = :)

    • I picked him up and will not play him. I think its a farce. It may get worse with all the wild cat and cross over going on.

      Maybe we should just play any combination of XX number of players.

      But I do have him. It's not a matter of not having him and regretting it. I'm just going with the lineup that got me here.

    • everyone who is bitching that it needs to be chaged is just so butt hurt they were to slow to pick him up. Danny woodhead is a RB and WR. you think thats BS too? I picked up webb and im starting him at flex and im going to get 20 points. YEEEEEEEE

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