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  • Hildy Hildy Dec 9, 2010 5:14 PM Flag



    I just realized that Greg Jennings was supposed to be on my team but instead the commissioner had accidentally gave me Rashard Jennings. I wasn't at the draft so I wasn't the most familier with my team. After our first supplemental draft Greg Jennings was still available as a free agent at which time a opponent picked up. I again wasn't at the draft due to work. No one picked up on the fact that greg jennings was still available or thought it was odd. Week 13 I realize that Jennings was supposed to be on my team the whole time when I found my original draft sheet. Now the person who is in first place has greg jennings and im on the bubble to make the playoffs...my question is what should I do and what should the commissioner do since it was his mistake in the first place?

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