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  • *chris p *chris p Dec 9, 2010 4:44 PM Flag

    Should teams not vying for top 6 spots

    be locked from managing their teams in the playoffs. Yahoo has brackets for 7th & 8th....9th & 10th spots that are not relevant to our payout...yet the owners would like to play for fun.(consolation round)....I say they need to only use their current roster....some in the league do not see it that way.

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    • Paulene...thank you for helping me resolve this 'LITTLE" issue...also John G...the rule states...".Keep in mind that players on teams that do not make the fantasy playoffs or are eliminated from the fantasy playoffs and are not released back to the Available Players pool.

      To support the ideas of fair play and sportsmanship, we encourage all managers to retain their players even after they have been eliminated from championship contention."

    • the more i think about it...the more i realize that if i was in your league and you tried to impose this "rule"...i'd raise total hell on you. you can't just make up the rules as you go...they need to be clearly understood, and in writing before the season ever started. can't even believe you're considering it...

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      • The more I think of it I am very glad you are not in my league...you were and are a total jerk and really did not have to be. You must be a miserable soul....I felt through your sniping you did have a point to offer...but the message/point was negated by your hate....Have a nice day....

      • Oh...and John....we cannot foresee every little detail....so as Commish I do have some authority to maintain the integrity of my league.

      • John,
        I disagree...an owner who's season is essentially over should not add or drop or in any way affect the outcome (good or adverse) of an owner vying for the payout. In a worse case scenario an owner could dump his team and put talent in the pool that does not or should not belong yet at the same time claim he is just managing his team.
        How would you feel if for instance Matt Cassel is your only QB...you need to replace him, you are in 6th place, and the guy in 12th place claims your best free agent QB....he is not in the playoffs. His season is over. In your world he could even add 6 QB's to his bench...because there is no rule against it

    • if this wasn't clearly understood from day one...then you'd be absolutely wrong to try to impose this upon your league now


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