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  • Dennis Epolito ii Dennis Epolito ii Dec 15, 2010 12:25 AM Flag

    Hawk - Rankings & ADVICE

    Hey Hawk, I just had my first son tonight, and I need to show him what winning is all about lol, unfortunatly ive been hit with the injury bug im in a standard leauge heres my team
    QB- Rodgers, Collins
    WR-Nicks, Lloydd, Britt, Bennett, Woodhead
    RB- Bradshaw, Law Firm, Goodson, Westbrook, Dixon
    TE- Tamme, Lewis
    K- Carpenter
    DEF- Tampa, Arizona

    Need 1 qb, 2 wr, 2 rb, 1wr/rb, 1te, 1k, 1def
    and do you think id be better picking up a dif D(CLEV,TENN,CAR) or k (Sushiam,cundiff, Buhler)

    Any help is appreciated THANKS!

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    • hey dennis, congrats!

      here is my thinking for your team this week

      rodgers....but if he cant play then your backup in collins is a good play

      nicks and woodhead (normally i might go with lloyd in this spot but its hard to trust him right now. britt is also tempting, as he offers more upside than woodhead if you need to go that route)

      bradshaw for sure, then i would go with the green-ellis as your second rb

      tamme at te, but its a toss up between those two. i like both this week and both have good matchups. no clear advantage for one over the other. however i am inclined to say that lewis does offers more TD potential than tamme this week

      at defense im going with arizona

      in your flex spot, my pick is to roll the dice with mike goodson. even though he is up against your arizona d....i still think he could do well. if you dont want to go with goodson, then go with britt and his potential in this spot. but be prepared for the boom/bust game.

      i do like the cleveland d, but they really arent any better of a play than arizona this week

      at kicker i would stick with carpenter

      good luck!