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  • John A John A Dec 9, 2010 11:51 PM Flag

    Hawk - Rankings & ADVICE

    Should i play Bradshaw vs Minnesota, Westbrook vs. Seattle or Starks vs. Detroit? I have to chose one for my WR position. I also have Nicks or Crabtree. My other 2 RB are Mendenhall and Foster and I'm playing them

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    • Hey Hawk!

      I am in a keeper league where i can keep two players. I narrowed it down to a few and I need to pick from the following:

      QB--Aaron Rodgers GB
      RB--Arian Foster HOU
      RB--Maurice Jones-Drew JAC
      WR--Calvin Johnson DET
      WR--Reggie Wayne IND

      Thanks alot Hawk!

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      • hey Ryan,

        wow tough call on the keepers...you have some great options. how many teams are in your league? my thinking would be Aaron Rodgers and Maurice Jones-Drew. i say those two, because if your league is smaller, then i would not worry about keeping a WR because there are so many out there that you can easily draft a good one next season. if you keep both a QB and a RB, that gives you a solid foundation and you wont need to reach to try and fill a position. whereas if you keep 2 RBs then you might be on the short end of the stick to find a great QB like Rodgers in your draft.

        but overall i say Rodgers for sure, then its a toss up at RB between Jones-Drew and Foster...but because Jones-Drew is more proven over the years, i think he is the safer keeper at this point

    • hey john,

      i think bradshaw is the safest play to get for sure touches and yards, while westbrook and starks offers the most potential. depends what you want to chance. sure bet points with bradshaw, or potential boom/bust game from starks or westbrook.

      i would say nicks at WR if he is playing on sunday

      your other RB starters in mendenhall and foster look great.


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