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  • richie richie Dec 2, 2010 11:34 AM Flag

    wavier rules

    I recently tried to add brian westbrook to my roster but was denied because some else had a higher prority. that person was the commissioner naska who is ahead of me in the standings. How can this be, I asked commissioner naska and he gave me this lame excuse that he hadn't used the wavier in a while and thus had a higher priority. Checking the wavier I noticed he recently add vincent jackson to his team (how did that work out niska) I smell something funny going only I'm not laughing. can anyone help here.

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    • Its a mixture of standings AND waiver moves. Next time check and see where you are in the order. Its listed on the league page.

    • My league goes my draft order, 1st pick gets last waiver and last pick get 1st waiver. Once you use your waiver priority throughout the season you are moved to last and everyone else is pumped up, it should have nothing to do with current standings.

    • First, it's "waiver" not "wavier."

      It's so windy and the ocean looks wavier today almost works, but not quite.

      In the League Rules and Settings tab, determine how waivers are processed. Does it go by league standings? Is it a rolling list?

      Also, when he picked up Vincent Jackson, did he place a waiver claim, or was VJax a free agent at the time?


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