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  • DatBoyMiz360 DatBoyMiz360 Nov 23, 2010 12:37 PM Flag

    Drop Dan Carpenter for Josh Scobee?

    Should I drop Dan Carpenter K for Miami for Josh Scobee K for Jacsonville....a lot of ppl are dropping Carpenter, he screwed me on last thursday nites game he didnt get a single point the Bears shut them out...Miami is playing Oakland this week im not sure if the fact that Miami's O is all banged up with a 3rd string QB on top of it, is gonna help them get more FG's cuz they cant get in the end zone or they are just gonna overall suck and i should drop him and pick up Scobee who is a good reliable Kicker...any advice i appreciate!!

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    • first of all, it isn't carpenter's fault that he got you 0 points because I don't think he had any FG attempts. I highly doubt that Miami is going to be shut out again, so I would stick with carpenter

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      • You must not know fantasy or real life football too well. Of course he didnt have any attempts, that should be understood. But the fact he didnt have any attempts, was because of a putrid offense ran by a 3rd string QB, who couldnt even get the ball into the red zone. Therefore, if the offense is garbage, it makes Carpenter worthless. Unless he starts attempting and hittin 60yrd field goals. I had him myself OP, and actually dropped him for Scobee myself barring waiver priority (I'm #1, thus last in priority). I doubt Miami will get shut out again, but dont expect them to do much better and get Carpenter more opportunities as long as Thigpen is QB.


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