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  • BigAC303 BigAC303 Nov 16, 2010 1:26 PM Flag

    cheating or not

    Our league commissioner has been in 1st place all season, this week I played him and he had flacco as his starting qb set and played since Thursday, come Sunday night when all his players had finished playing he had a total of 111 points, I was at 108 points but still had my eagles defense to play monday night. Come monday night when I get on to check the score I see that he replaced Flacco with Tom Brady who was on his bench and his overall score was now 123, Come an end to the night I ended up with a total of 122 in turn causing me to lose by 1 point.

    This is a money league and this loss will put me in 6th place but the win I was supposed to get would have put me in 3rd place.

    I confronted the commissioner and instead of wanting change the stats he is more concerned about trying to cause forfeits for teams who didn't fill their TE spot, this was never posted as a rule at the beginning of the season, but it was verbal at our draft.

    Point is the person in second place would be in first place if the commissioner had not cheated by swapping out his qb's. Now that I caught him red handed he claims the person in 2nd place has to forfeit this week because of no TE on their roster, which would keep the commish in 1st place if he pushes that through.


    Swapping out qbs to win = cheating ( yes or no )
    Verbal rule set at draft = should we abide by rule or no since its not on paper?

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