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  • Adam Smith Adam Smith Nov 4, 2010 2:08 PM Flag

    Humbly Offering Fantasy Advice

    Im OCD about Fantasy Football, so i read pretty much every article written on FF every week. If anyone has any questions, im happy to try to help.

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    • Cool, pick 3 for me and why...
      My QB is Aaron Rodgers
      Colston @ CAR
      T.O. vs PIT
      J. Jones vs. DAL
      B. Tate @ CLE
      D. Branch @ CLE

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      • Both Colston and Brees are heating up and played well against a superior Steelers defense. No reason not to start Colston while he's hot against Carolina this week.

        Terrell Owens has been smoking hot as of late, but runs up against a very good Steeler's defense. Carson Palmer has been hit or miss and will get harrassed by an aggressive Steeler's defense. TO should put up good numbers, maybe not great, and there is bust potential here.

        James Jones should probably be the #2 WR on Green Bay this week against a terrible Cowboy's secondary. Green Bay's tight end may also be out. This is a recipe for lots of targets to JJ, and after having mutliple drops last week, he should be out to make some noise.

        With Tate and Branch, you have a lack of consistency with both, and its impossible to know who will have the better game. I also expect New England to run the ball very well against Cleveland and to use their tight ends a lot. I would go with Jones over these two, along with TO and Colston.

    • Thanks. Can you chose 2 out of 3 RB's

      J. Best v. Jets
      L.T v. Detroit
      L. McCoy v Ind

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      • Hey Man,

        Mccoy is a must-start since Indy has one of the worst rushing defenses in the league. As for LT and Best, Best actually split carries with backup Kevin Smith last week. Stafford has also been throwing the ball particularly well and his connection with Calvin Johnson has been solid. LT on the other hand faces a Detroit defense that has been giving up a ton of points to fantasy RBs. Torain got 10+ points against them last week in only a half of play.

        In short, start Mccoy and LT with confidence.

    • Would you start Steve Johnson versus CHI or Patrick Crayton versus HOU? I have a lot of my top tier WR on bye this week and need help...

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      • I'm in a similar situation as you. I think both of these guys should have good days, so its a close call. If i had to choose, i would go with Crayton for consistency. He's almost gauranteed to get 5-6 catches and 50+ yards given the current state of Houston's pass defense. Also, he has not found the endzone in the past few games, but Antonio Gates is questionable to start this weekend, who has been Rivers' favorite redzone target. Assuming he's out, i think Crayton is likely to score at least one TD.

        Steve Johnson should have a fine day, but the Bears' pass rush could have a field day against Buffalo and therefore limit his upside.

        I'd go with Crayton, but its a close call and both are good options.

    • Is this trade veto-able?
      Steve Smith (NY) and Crabtree for Andre Johnson is a pending trade in my league. People are trying to get the trade vetoed but I think it is fair. The team that had Andre was starting Gafney and now can start Smith and Crabtree.

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      • First off, Gaffney has been one of the most consistent WRs in all of fantasy football this year, especially in PPR leagues. Of course, i would rather have Steve Smith starting than Gaffney in most circumstances.

        Crabtree's stock could be on the rise, given Troy Smith's explosion last sunday. However, he's has been erratic all year, and Steve Smith is clearly the no. 2 option on that team behind Hakeem Nicks.

        Andre Johnson, even with injury issues, remains a solid WR1 in all leagues. Smith and Crabtree are more like WR2 and WR3s respectively, whereas Andre Johnson and Gaffney is a WR1 and WR3 (at least in PPR leagues).

        I think this trade does benefit one side more than the other. However, given Andre Johnson's injury troubles and Crabtree's potential with Troy Smith at the helm, i don't think it should be vetoed, for what its worth.

    • I trade Andre Johnson for Chris Johnson, obviously the person I traded with thought this was fair, but the commissioner is saying that it's not fair.

    • Would you drop Ocho for V JAX?
      My other WR are Nicks, Fitz, Smith(car), and Garcon

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      • Interesting situation. Ocho clearly has been spending too much time on his reality show and not enough time on the practice field. He'll probably have a couple of decent games down the stretch though.

        With V Jax, there is also the issue of not knowing what kind of shape he'll be in. However, given the injury problems the Chargers have had, they are going to be happy to see him back and I think he'll play pretty well and should be a top 15 WR down the stretch.

        If i were you, i would think about trading Ocho. He's got brand name appeal, and might fetch for something decent. Either way, I would definitely do what it takes to make room for V Jax, who is poised to put up good numbers.

    • Braylon for Brandon Trade.

      PPR league, .5 pts per catch, .1 per yard, 6 for TD

      Who gets the better deal of the 2?

      B. Edwards Rec- 22 Yards-375 TD's-4

      B. Marshall Rec-47 Yards-588 TD's-1

      Playoffs are in weeks 14-16, I am currently in 2nd place so looking ahead.

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      • Hey Man,

        The Jets-Packers game last week was pretty interesting, and what was most interesting was that Braylon Edwards was wide open several times and Sanchez simply couldn't get him the ball.

        Another interesting fact is that the Jets have only lost two games this year. In both games, Edwards only had 1 catch. Clearly, keeping Edwards involved is important to the Jet's success. I think the team will recognize this and that Edwards will bounce back from last week and continue to produce consistently as he has all year and continue to score TDs.

        Brandon Marshall has also been consistent, in fact, in terms of yards and catches, he has been more consistent than Braylon. However, he's simply not finding the endzone.

        Even before looking at their schedules for 14-16, if i had to count on one of these two to win a fantasy matchup for me, it would be Marshall. Neither have an amazing schedule to end the year, but Marshall has the easier road in my opinion (playing late in the year against Chicago's D, which Braylon will have to do, is never a good idea). I would take Marshall, but i think Braylon will continue to be solid.

    • Who would you rather have in return on a trade -
      Johnny Knox or Steve Smith Car

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      • Close call. I would go with Knox because of the current shape of the Bears running game. The Bears most successful play all season has been the bomb to Knox, with Cutler having to scramble to find enough time to get it there. Knox's last two games have been solid, and i think Cutler and Knox are building chemistry. I like Knox but it's close.

    • Who to start?

      Percy Harvin vs. Ari
      Beanie Wells vs. Minn
      Steve Smith (Car) vs. NO

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      • I think Beanie is a so-so option this week. I think Minnesota will simply stack the box and shut down Beanie, making Max Hall find a way to beat them.

        Percy Harvin, on the other hand, as an ankle injury and his status is questionable for the game. Even if he plays, he might not be 100% and he doesn't have Moss drawing coverage away from him. I think Steve Smith is a safer play than these two this weekend.

    • I have to sit one guy: miles Austin, TO, Larry Fitz, M. Colston and Green-Ellis. Thanks for the help.

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      • Fitz and Green-Ellis should have good weeks. TO goes up against a solid Steelers D which makes me worry about him, but he'll get his catches.

        However, Dallas is an absolute mess right now. Dez Bryant is also coming on, stealing catches away from Austin. After seeing the Saints' shred Pittsburgh last week, I like Brees to keep it rolling and for Colston to benefit from that. I would roll with Colston and sit Austin in standard leagues. In PPR, maybe consider starting Austin over Green-Ellis, but i think Green-Ellis still is probably more reliable right now.

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