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  • Jason M. Jason M. Nov 2, 2010 1:15 PM Flag

    Bernard Berrian worth pick up???

    My team is pretty stacked everywhere but a WR. A manager in my league just droped Berrian who has only gotten 7 points total this season. But with Moss gone, Rice still out and Harvin hurt again, is he worth a pick up and just hope he does well. Here is a list of my current WRs
    Welker (hasnt done a thing since Moss left)
    Mike Williams TB
    Meachem (Starting to heat up)
    Driver (hurt)
    Roy Williams (no romo)
    Dez Bryant (no romo but doesnt seem to matter much)

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    • looks like your wr's are already stacked to me. Berrian sucks dude dont get him. there are better options out there like santonio holmes

    • MIGHT be worth a pickup, but I wouldn't hold my breath. I had him to begin the season when Rice was out and Harvin was battling those migraines figuring he would emerge as the #1 and put up solid numbers for me. Needless to say he did next to nothing so I dropped him and I haven't heard a word about him since. Depending on how bad Harvin is hurt Berrian MAY be worth a pick up but I don't think u need him or should waste a roster spot on him. Farve still has other targets he can go to like Shiancoe and Camarillo, not to mention Childress may decide to go more run-heavy and give A.P./Gearhart some extra touches. Just seems like 'the move to make just to make a move' sorta deal, but I don't think ya need it or that Berrian, over the course of the season, will contribute much to the Vikes offense.

    • He might be worth a pick up if you got room on your team. Especially if T Jack is going to start sometime soon. They have an excellent chemistry playing w/ each other on the practice squad :).


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