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  • Sean Sean Oct 30, 2010 3:08 PM Flag

    big trade help.

    I don't know thats a tough one Calvin Johnson is one of the best WR in the league. That said though Reggie Bush is projected to be one of the best Rb's. He may not really be any good, but people believe he can be. And we all know the power of persuasion can be a crazy thing. So on one hand you got a WR who is amazing, and on the other you have a running back who's never going to be any good, but who brain washed people into thinking he might be good. You got a tough case of the good player to the theoretically might be an alright player if the stars align and everything mixes perfectly. I'd take Bush i drank the Kool-aid, seems like a legit trade. But you have to have a commish who will let that trade go through. He might think you getting Reggie Bush is unfair cuz he's a theoretical power house. So it's a risky move.

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    • your right my commish is a Trade Rapist and there is no way I should go through with this. If it wasn't for good people like you, us newbs would constantly get bent over by our commissioners. We should start a union do to unfair treatment of players who play in the League of Twelve Handsome Guys. I will reach out to my fellow players and will see if we can stick it to commissioner Daywalker to him and his Trade Rapist ways.

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      • No problem, that's the thing about Commish's there's no background checks on these guys. You don't know whether you're getting a nice upstanding fella, or a sadist who likes to dominate the very league he is overseeing. Unfortunately your's sounds like one of the bad apples that are spoiling this great big apple pie, all us handsome men have grown accustomed to. Good luck in all your future games friend. And your commish will get whats coming to him. Karma comes around and trade karma is the very worst. From one gentlemen to another I hope you get what you're looking for.


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