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  • Blake Blake Oct 12, 2010 10:47 AM Flag

    How am I in 2Nd to last with this team?

    Tony romo jahvid best Ronnie brown Ray riceLarry Fitzgerald Greg Jennings j finley bench crabtree welker b jackson m barber and then decent defense and kicker.?? Is this team that bad it's an 8 person league but still I thought I would do good...

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    • yeah ur team has a lot of busts. also your team isnt very strong for 8 team league. I'm 10-0 between 2 leagues in which my teams are much stronger then yours and thats in 12 team leagues, 8 team league you should be much more stacked.

      Ronnie Brown, Larry Fitz, Jennings = TRADE ASAP!!

    • u have three flop WR's and your TE is done now

    • I'm not cutting you man. And Fitz and Crabber are starting to rebound. At least Romo is scoring points and they are likely to just keep passing (poor Barber) Best with the toe really sux. Your about to turn it around, maybe. BJax wasn't worth the hype either. 8 Teams there has to be someone better.

    • I agree w/ the assessment of having alot of the pre season favs that flopped. also in an 8 team league you lack depth.

    • In an 8 team league, I would have (and did) avoided ANY potential flops, and gone with more reliable players. Fitzgerald and Crabtree have horrible QBs, so what if they did good last year, as I just cant trust the person throwing to them. I also would never trust a Miami RB, or a rookie RB as starters. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Jahvid, but he is my RB3. Finley is good here, aside from his injury. Every DEF is targeting Jennings because Driver is old, and look at Driver's stats because of it.

      There must be some decent waiver options in your 8 team league, but yeah, this team looks like a middle of the league team when at its best.

    • Well, idk, you dont have anyone amazing. Like everyone has decent people and then 1 or 2 outstanding people and you jsut dont have any. Like AP, CJ, Foster, Moss, Austin. Those guys put up huge numbers from week to week and those guys are probably the ones beating you. Your team is good, but when you get down to it, the are just average. I'd also put someone else in for jennings, he's just not getting it done this year and may be time to jump ship with him.

    • that team isnt that good for an 8 team league

    • Probably looked good in preseason projections but you got most of the flops.


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