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    Need Fantasy Advice?

    Post anything about fantasy football, I'm willing to help.

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    • which wr to start Djax, TO, Floyd, Bowe, Royal?? pick 3

    • i have rivers and orton starting at qb (2 qb system)
      got AP, charles and benson at RB
      and Megatron as a lock at wr need 3 more wr...
      i have bowe, royal, manningham, sims walker and holmes...
      projections would be a bonus.
      thanks soo much!

    • Ok, Im in a tough spot due to Steelers Bye... I have no D for this week and Im not dropping the Steelers however there are a couple of startable D available in my league, Falcons and Eagles come to mind.

      The deal is that I have a packed roster and I really dont want to drop anybody and Im considering rolling with no D this week.

      My roster is:
      Cedric Benson, Frank Gore and Matt Forte
      Mark Clayton

      Would you drop any of these guys theyre all studs in my mind...

      I need your opinion please!!!

    • I got Randy Moss, Reggie Wayne, Percy Harvin and Santonio Holmes. Which two do I start?

    • standard scoring ten teammy team lg
      qb schaub
      wr white
      wr wayne
      rb peterson
      rb thomas jones
      te gates
      wr/rb randy moss

      bench-moreno,mccoy,flacco,ricky w, BJGE,stewart

      do i leave my lineup like this?

      do i trade randy moss,moreno,mccoy for andre,brady, santana moss.....i would be losing a ton of rb depth but many more trade options...carrying 4 wr and 3 qbs is practically against my religion

    • Is Johnny Knox a good wr#3 to start this week with Cutler out or should i drop Knox and pick up Mario Manningham,or Brad Smith. Who will be the best to have for the rest of the season as well?

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      • There's no way that Manningham is available in your league and the next best is Brad Smith. Brad Smith has no value, ESPECIALLY with Santonio back now. Look for Brandon Lloyd or Legedu Naanee... those are people of about that value level.

        I think Knox will have a bad week, so I'm benching him too. But I am not dropping him because when Cutler comes back, which should be week 6, Knox is the #1 receiver for a top a ten QB, in a Mike Martz system. He has definite value.
        If you can squeeze someone off your bench, I think the order of value for the season of the WRs is Lloyd and Knox about equal, Naanee, Manningham.
        I have more faith in Denver's passing game than Chicago's, but there are more receivers in Denver.
        Naanee is #2 in SD, but definitely vying to be the most valuable fantasy-wise.
        Manningham is physically very talented, but he's #3 behind Nicks and Smith in that order. And the Giants seem to be best when Manning manages the game and tends to go for 185yds in wins. I don't want the 3rd slice of that pie.

    • QB-C. Palmer and M. Sanchez. which one start?
      WR-A. Collie, K. Walter(houston), L. Murphy, E. Royal
      RB-S.Jackson, P. Hillis, R.Williams(byeweek), Mike Bell

      tryin to decide weither to start mike bell at the flex spot since mccoy might be out? figured collie, walter and royal. then jackson and hillis and bell at flex? Louis murphy gonna be legit this year or what?

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      • I put them at about equal talent despite Carson's weak season thus far. Because of the matchup, I have to go with Carson. Maybe he's finally got it together with Owens, in which case, with Shipley, Owens, and Ocho... could be great.

        It seems like you're saying you have 3 WR spots, 2 RB, and the flex.

        I think you have your WRs in the right order.... but watch Collie's injury status, AND watch Andre Johnson's injury status. If AJ is out, i think Murphy and Royal both jump Walter. He is not a #1 WR as last week showed, and the Giants have remembered how to play to good pressure defense.

    • Do you trade brandon marshall for randy moss straight up?

    • So for week 5 I have Johnny Knox, Brandon Lloyd, Thomas Jones, and Beanie Wells. I need to fill one WR slot, and one WR/RB flex spot. I am also starting Jamaal Charles as my RB2. This is a non-PPR league. I am leaning toward Lloyd and Thomas Jones, especially after hearing Cutler is out, but I am definitely concerned about starting Jones and Charles in the same backfield. Then again, the Colts rush defense is pretty weak. I also feel like Arizona will be behind the whole game, but with Max Hall at QB, they might have to run even if they are losing. Any advice?

      Afterthought question: Cooley or Shiancoe?

    • what should a person do with mike sims-walker. is he worth the roster spot in a ppr leauge?

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