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  • Nicks name is Nick (duh!!! next question....) Nicks name is Nick (duh!!! next question....) Oct 6, 2010 5:50 PM Flag

    Commish needs help on decision

    I'm guessing that the issue is that the league gives negative points for MISSED FG's, but for whatever reason (I'm kind of surprised) a blocked FG isn't being scored as a missed FG.

    In my mind the FG was missed and thus the neg. points SHOULD have been assessed. BUT I think probably the fairest way to do things is just go along w/ yahoo scoring and not tamper.

    HOWEVER, if later in the season a blocked kick gets scored (by Yahoo) as a miss. the it was a clear error, and I would go back and change this one. Actually, you could probably check any other blocked FG (Crosby got blocked by Chicago in week 3) and see how Yahoo scored it.

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    • When doing the scoring system I dont remember seeing anything for getting neg points for blocke FG. I'll go look and see if they counted Crosby's blocked FG. thx

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      • Again, it's not specifically for BLOCKED FG's, it's for MISSED FGs for whatever reason. If you change it for this one, you have to go back and change it for EVERY SINGLE MISSED FG over the entire season!

        It makes absolutely no sense to penalize the kicker for a blocked FG when it was most likely a failure of the line blocking for him. A shanked FG is solely on the kicker, or possibly the holder; if anything should be taken off, it's for those and not blocked ones.


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