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  • jerry jerry Oct 6, 2010 5:34 PM Flag

    Commish needs help on decision

    Heres the problem in Monday nights game Miami's kicker had his field goal attempt blocked by New England. Their is a manager that was going against another manager with Miami's kicker and if they would of taken away points from the kicker the other manager would of won. In Yahoo's scoring they don't show anything for a kicker recieveing neg. points for a blocked field goal. Technally he did miss the field goal, Should I go ahead and give the manager that was up against the kicker for Miami the win.

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    • ya most commish change that to -2 at least around my area i think that the guy with miami's kicker should have lost.... my opinion on that

    • All mgrs agreed to the scoring system. If you didn't set up to score neg points on blocked FGs, then the result stands. He may feel like he's getting screwed, but he agreed to the scoring system.

    • Thanks for the replies. I don't have my scoring set up for kicker getting negative points for blocked kicks. When I set up the scoring I don't remember seeing where you could put that. The only place I saw for blocked kicks was for Defenses and special teams. Would it be a good idea to ask the other managers involved what they thought and put it up for a vote? if anyone has anyother commets would be appreciated,

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      • Good lord, no, don't go changing it now. And it isn't specifically for blocked kicks, it's for missed FG for whatever reason. If you change it for this, then you also have to go back and change it for all missed FGs for any reason.

        Poor Garrett Hartley ex-owners would be ripping their hair out if you did that.

    • Does your league count negative points against Kickers. Apparently not. Are you going to give Roddie White 2 points for a turnover? No because....your league doesn't give Offense IDP points.
      If there are changes to be made let Yahoo do it.

    • Did you set your league up to score blocked kicks as negative points? If you did not, then going in and arbitrarily changing the score now to subtract those points is bogus.

      Set the scoring rules at the beginning of the season, and don't change them later without good justification, and with the consent of the other managers.

    • i dont think you should, unless its somewhere in your rules. thats just like someone having tate from NE and he ran back a td, but the person who owns him doesn't get the points. only the person who had NE def does. it may not be fair, but it is that way, unless rules are determined otherwise. sorry you have this descion to look at. good luck!


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