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  • Erik Erik Oct 6, 2010 7:11 AM Flag

    Should I lock this guy???

    if someone is willing to decimate their bench to get 1 win let them. i'm sure he had to drop some decent players for all the QB's, and if the other managers in the league are active they should jump on these guys if there's anyone good.

    i'm with all the people who are saying the guy with Brady was just outplayed. Yea he may be breaking a Yahoo rule for public leagues, but personally i think that is a pretty dumb rule. there's so much strategy in fantasy football and timing and planning for the future, this guy just noticed his opponent slipped up and didn't plan for a bye and capitalized on it, while it is making roster moves to hurt another team's ability to make a roster, it is also hurting his own roster, so i see nothing wrong with it.


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