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    To VETO or Not to VETO

    Hello Commishioners,

    I recently had to explain to my league what constitutes a VETO and figured you may want to post it in your league to explain the process and to prevent some idiots from being VINDICTIVE!

    I have had to explain this in my previous league and have not had to explain it in this league yet because the owners in this league have had experience in Fantasy Ball.

    What constitutes the proper use of a trade veto?

    I would like to explain to everyone here the meaning of vetos in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball/etc.

    The only reason to veto a trade in Fantasy is if there is any COLLUSION going on or if for some odd reason i let my wife own a team next year and wants to trade away Aaron Rodgers for Shaun Hill, and mind you the reason i would veto it would be so i could save time for the commissioner. Meaning this trade had been mistakenly proposed and the commish would have to reverse the trade.
    And now for a little definition for some of the newcomers.

    collusion = cheating = 2(or more owners) trying to pull a fast one on the league

    I think you just need to take a look at all trades, if it is dumping players then there is a problem.

    Just a bad trade IN YOUR EYES is not something that should get a veto, let the owners manage their teams. Just be on the look-out for suspicious behaviorr.

    It isnt what you think of the trade or "ahh i wouldnt of done that." You have to look at each of the owners needs. I have Jaamal Charles sitting the Bench and he has Mike Vick SITTING THE BENCH. All trades are not to be equal on every level.

    Whatever two owners agree on is their business, unless they’re cheating, and then it’s everyone’s business. Half the fun of the game is to see who comes out ahead in these trades anyway. We need to remind ourselves occasionally of this: Men are not statistical machines, but people like you and I (okay…so they’re richer and more athletic and some date supermodels). As for “equitable” value, remember this adage:

    “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” This applies to fantasy ballplayers, as well.

    FYI- If there is any collusion in this league it will not be tolerated. Obviously there will be mixed feelings on every trade that goes through for the rest of the year but what would be the reason for trading if the teams were not bettering each side. And in most cases one of the teams will have to give up a little more to get what he is in need for.



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