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  • Tyler Green Tyler Green Sep 21, 2010 7:30 PM Flag


    Im new in the league... so what does waiver priority mean??? Please help!

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    • It means that who ever has the higher priority will be awarded the player that is in waiver.

      Go to your leagues home. Right across from "steak" you see "waiver". That number determines your waiver priority.

      Why does that matter?

      well, if you wanted to pick up kevin walter, and I wanted Kevin walter too, how do we both pick him up? answer, we don't. only one of us can, and the person who has the higher priority (lower number) wins.

      Remember, the player has to be in a waiver period for the waiver priority to take affect. waiver priority changes when you pick a player from waivers. When you pick players from free agency (FA). Waiver priority does not change.

      This is why weekly waiver is important, it kicks in from Sunday to tuesday night giving EVERYONE a chance to study and pick up players.

      any more confusion let me know

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      • you also know a player is in waiver when you see a date right across his name such as (sep 24) when you search for available players. That means, you can keep him in your waiver list (a queue pretty much) for now, today is the 21st, keep him in that list but you can't pick him up yet. When the 24th come around, yahoo automatically awards the player with the highest priority who too has that player in their list (if they have him in their list, if not that player is yours). Get it?

      • To avoid confusion the Lower your number mean your higher on the list. Lowest numbers draw first. Unless it is Revers order or something silly.


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