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  • Jean G Jean G Sep 12, 2010 8:34 AM Flag

    Help please?

    So I started a league last night with some friends and our points from the vikings and saints game aren't showing up. Does anyone know whats going on with that.

    Secondly. We have rosters of 11 players. Will all the players be earning points every week. It seems like I can only pick 6 players when I go to my roster page. Any Ideas!


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    • Go into the Commish tools (assuming you are the commissioner) and use the "edit league start date" ....Make sure it shows as week one. If it does and the points are still messed up, wait and see if all the other games are correct for Sunday....You can always go in and manually edit the scores for the Thursday game.

      The first question confuses me......when you say that you have a roster of 11 players, do you mean 11 starting positions or is that including the bench players? If it is bench players as well...get someone else to be the commish...or at least co-commish.....as in someone who has a clue what they are doing. You aren't going to have much fun if you are spazzing out and not knowing what you are doing. You should have at LEAST spent some time making yourself familiar with the game/rules/settings/etc before committing to be the commissioner. You obviously aren't even familiar enough with it to know the difference between starters and bench players, which isn't going to be anything other than confusing for you and your friends.

      If there are no others in your league who know any more about yahoo fantasy football than you, I would suggest that you wipe out your league and all of you join someone else's this year and just learn the basic's. You can all join the same person's league, there will just be others in it that you wont know as well. I apologize if I sound crass with my comments. That isn't my intention. I just don't want to sugar coat just how far over your head being the commish is at this point in time, so that you don't end up hating the game because of all the problems that are going to ensue. Right now, if you are only seeing 6 of 11 spots to place people for starters, you are going to have a looooooong and boring season, because it means you are set up to only HAVE 6 starters. I can't see your league, so there isn't any way to tell you what exactly you've done.....I've never seen one with so few starting positions QB RB WR TE K DEF ? ? ? That would be my best guess....along with five bench positions. A very basic/standard starting roster would be something like:
      1 QB, 2 RB, 2 OR 3 WR'S, 1 TE, 1KICKER and 1 DEFENSE/SPECIAL TEAMS .....and at least 6 reserves/bench players. I could type for hours.....this is crazy.....Again....I don't want to be rude, but I also don't want to spend all morning trying to coach you on being a commish, when I have things to do, so try some or none of my advice. The best I can give is for you to either all join someone else's league (as I suggested), or actually READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!! ALL of them.....while you are creating your league!!! Sounds like you may as well redo the whole thing anyway, if you only have 6 starters as is. <sigh>.....I need sleep.......I have no more to give right now....good luck....I don't even have the energy to double check/read over my post, so hopefully I made sense in what I said......

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      • Hey man I figured it out. the reason I was only able to put six starters was because 5 of them played on Thursday. So I couldn't move them into my starters for Sunday. But I now have all the boys rosters set up and we are good to go.

        Thanks for your help. I hear what you are saying but I think I we should be able to work things out. Its my first football pool and my first time being commish for any pools. But I think I have most of it under control. Its all for fun so I think we will be alright

        Thanks again.

        Good luck to you this season

    • Check your settings. If you started your league on Saturday, your scoring could possibly be set for Week 2. That means all results from Thursday and today will NOT count.

      If you go in the commish tools, you might still be able to change this to week 1, but I'm just guessing.

    • not sure your question 2. yahoo should add the points from thursday's game by monday since you started your league late.

      all of your roster positions will earn pts. the only thing i can think of the reason you can't adjust but 6 is a) are they starters or bench players, 2) have they played this week already? gl!


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