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  • Caleb Caleb Aug 31, 2010 2:36 PM Flag

    Check out this league!

    I've set up a 10 team league, based on where the players played in college. This is just a way of looking at which conference produces the best NFL talent (I'm an SEC hater and want to prove that they don't have much in the NFL).

    The way I was wanting to do the league: when you join, make your team name the conference you wish to have (I started off with the Big 10) - one team per conference, naturally. Once the league is filled, I will give one player to each team from his respected conference and you can fill your team from there as you so choose, because no one else will have the right to your players.

    I understand some players may have transferred or something. For this reason, we will use whatever school Yahoo! has listed on the player's biography (Randy Moss, for example, is most famous for his days at Marshall).

    Because this league is intended to look at the success of the different conferences, I don't plan on allowing trades. Also, I realize there are independent programs (like Notre Dame). Because of this, along with the fact that some guys come from AA programs and because some conferences just haven't sent that many players to the pros, there will be one "other" conference (see below for list of the 10 teams).

    If you're interested, league ID# is 667221. Password is "ncaa"

    Following is the list of 10 team names that will be used, along with big names from each conference that might entice you to choose that team:

    ACC: Frank Gore, Andre Johnson, Phillip Rivers
    Big 10: Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Santonio Holmes
    Big 12: Adrian Peterson, Vince Young, Cedric Benson
    Big East: Larry Fitz, Donovan McNabb, Ray Rice
    MAC: Michael Turner, Big Ben, Greg Jennings
    Mountain West: Alex Smith, Steve Smith (CAR), Ladanian Tomlinson
    Pac-10 (claimed)
    SEC: Jay Cutler, Percy Harvin, Knowshon Moreno
    C-USA: Chris Johnson, Randy Moss, Brett Favre
    Other: Joe Flacco, Ryan Matthews, Miles Austin

    Again, these are just samples to show what your conference could potentially look like. This is also an IDP league. I'm thinking of messing with the flex positions, but I'll talk more about that when the league is set and ready.

    I hope to see you there! Settings are open for discussion, once you join the league and we're all set.

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