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  • Jedi Master Jedi Master Aug 30, 2010 2:46 PM Flag


    14 teams head to head league

    Any thoughts on should I have 2 divisions or not?
    is it worth the trouble? does it make it more fun?

    Any ideas???


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    • yeah is good in in a 12 man leauge division

    • Divisions are very good for a league. They increase participation more than having no divisions. If there were no divisions, then the people below 7th place will feel that 'they are out of contention' and may not play through the year.

      If you had 2 divisions of 7, then the group of seven in Division 1 will have a better chance. if you will, to compete and become a divisional winner. Same goes for Division 2.

      It's really no extra work on your part as a commissioner. Yahoo is a robust site and in your Commissioner Tools if you select, yes 2 divisions, Yahoo will do all the work, including populating the divisions for you.

      FYI.. I have a 12-team 3 division league with top 4 (seeded) going to playoffs. Since you have 14 teams, you may want the top 8 to be in your playoff format. Best of luck to you!!