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  • Mike H Mike H Aug 26, 2010 6:02 AM Flag

    Why So Many Trades?

    Why are people doing so many trades before the season starts?Its almost impossible to predict how players will produce and which players will be busts....i just think its a little risky,its too early

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    • WHAT?! ITs best to do trades at the beginning. Everyone wants a certain player, they don't usually get them so they try to trade for the players they want.

      Waiting for the season to start to see players in action can change the value of trades. Best to do them before the season starts imo.

    • I agree there's way too much early on. Disliking or outright hating how their draft turned out is the key reason. Some will go to great lengths to 'recreate' the draft they wanted to have. I've been playing for a scant 5 yrs and I've been there trading away guys I should have kept. I've learned my lesson: Let sleeping dogs lie and wait for the season to start.


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