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  • Mary F. Mary F. Aug 26, 2010 11:30 AM Flag


    There is no team QB setting available in Yahoo.

    Looks like ESPN has it though...This is from their page....

    Team Quarterback (TQB): All quarterbacks from a specified NFL team are included in this unique scoring option. If selected, the league will draft a team and will receive stats for all QBs who play for the NFL team. So if you have the Patriots QBs and Brady gets hurt in the first quarter, you'll get all the points put up by his replacement(s) for the remainder of the game. The max number of starters at the TQB slot is four (4).

    NOTE: If your league is set for each team to have a Team QB, you will be able to place the Team QB only in the Team QB position. So, if your league offers an Offensive Player Utility slot, you cannot place a Team QB in the Offensive Player Utility roster spot. However, if your league is set for individual QB players, you would be able to place your starting QB (Tom Brady for example) in the QB roster slot AND you could place your backup QB (David Garrard) in the Offensive Player Utility slot.

    Good luck in your season commish!


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