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  • Haywood Haywood Jul 30, 2010 7:07 PM Flag

    4 or 6 point passing TD's

    I am going to start a league so I want to know what people prefer more. Personally I don't care (I will just draft accordingly) but I want to make it a 12 or 14 team money league so I want to know what more people prefer. Your opinion is appreciated!!!

    Also, if your interested in joing a money ($50) let me know and I will keep you posted.

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    • Now that that's settled...check out the league.

      12-team league, H2H
      Draft: 8/29 at 6:30pm EDT.
      Draft order random, determined in advance.
      Email scoginb@yahoo.com with any questions

      $50 buy-in, 100% payout


      Regular Season
      Highest Regular Season Pt Total: $50
      Highest One-Week Pt Total: $50

      1st Place: $300
      2nd Place: $150
      3rd Place: $50

      QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, W/R, TE, K, DEF, 5 BN
      All TD 6; Int -2
      Rush/Receiving: 3 pts at 100yds, 150yds, 5pts at 200yds
      Passing: 3pts at 300yds, 400yds, 5 pts at 500
      All else Yahoo default

      League ID- 259420
      Password- puntpasskick

    • its a TD Pass not a TD...they're not the same. And the reason why they are 4 is to keep it balanced. A good QB will throw over 30 TD's....you won't see any position player even get into the 20's. If you put a TD pass to 6 instead of 4......you will give the QB's too much value. You'd have average to bad QB's getting more value than good players at other positions. It too much to give for a TD pass. I mean, it would apply to all the teams, so for the league, its even. But it does give QB's more value than any other position.

    • couldn't agree more, Nick

    • Its 6, why the standard format is 4 is soooooo stupid.

      A TD is a TD. whether its your kicker picking up a fumble and running it in or a TD pass. Should only be 6 and nothing else. MAYBE and a BIG MAYBE 7 points. But since the kicker gets the extra point I really wouldn't want that. Go with 6. I think the majority always play with 6 anyways so you have a better chance of getting more people anyways.

    • a TD is a TD....so why make it worth 4 instead of 6? best i understand, people do this to even up the fact that there are only so many elite QBs to go around...so they use the 4 pt TD to even the playing field. my thinking is...why do that? let people make up the difference by outdrafting the competition at other positions. this falls into the same category as PPR leagues. trump up unreal value to wideouts to give them more value. makes no sense to me...and gets into the realm of playing kiddie ball rather than football.

    • 6 Point games are the best. Its stupid to have a quarterback throw a touchdown and then have your opponents kicker kick a long field goal and have more points than your quarterback. Thanks for the post.


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