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  • Robert C Robert C Jul 29, 2010 2:31 PM Flag

    Two Commish Questions

    1. Is there ANYWAY, i can include IDP in the draft??

    2. Commishs? What are your views on trade approvals/rejections?

    Do any of you control that aspect yourselves?

    My league last year, I had to axe two trades.

    1. Accidental Submission. Both parties agreed to cancel.

    2. MJD (from a last place team) to a 1st place team for three guys that averages matched MJD. (12 for MJD, 3 x 4 for scrubs) It was also 3/4 through the season, I felt I had no choice to axe to preserve fairness within the league.

    I'm just looking for some feedback, I'm not especially keen on the league voting as it seems to easy for the league to vote trades down, especially when the trade could benefit someone from your division.. etc.

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    • Theodore, in the case you didn't read what I wrote earlier....take a look if you don't mind, and let me know what you think. Everyone has to do what they feel is best, so I'm not trying to persuade or push anyone into doing things my way....but I believe the system that has worked for us for three years is worth taking a look at...and one that never gets talked about. Let me know what you think, if you have the time . thanks...John

    • i commish two football leagues and one baseball. i control the trades because like you say, the league will veto it just to keep the edge over a team. i let trades go if they look fair and reject the uneven. i wouldnt have let that trade with mjd go through either. although in my main league, we run an auction draft live at my house. we have a keeper system and i allow managers who wish to cut the season for a loss after a certain point to sell studs off their teams to borderline managers trying to make playoffs for future auction $. basically if a guy has lost most of his matchups he can sell any given player off his team to another manager for some of their auction $ dollars next year and get a leg up on next year while the purchasing manager gets help now but starts with less auction $ at next years draft.

    • AREN;T...............NOT "ARN'T"

    • wow the message board police....who would have thought!
      Are you that so insecure? your the one that started to attack me...you started this and now you want to go toe to toe.... LOL..your posts will just show your point of view has no merrit its garbage. Not in any way capable of sitting down and having a smart debate.And just to point out you have posted several times how long you have played yahoo sports, your right, that dosent mean jack! you are acting like a 12 year old boy with a new puter...give me a break! loser!

    • THOSE............ NOT "THOES".......

    • We used to have the veto button however, as of last year I turned that function off and had the league email/post to the league or me (commish) with their vote within 48 hrs of the trade being posted

      It's proved successful with minimal complaints.

    • p.s. - it's "complete"....not COMPLEATE

    • it's one thing to spout big words, and another to put together a cohesive thought.... and now....i'm the mental midget, when you're the one who has to resort to childish name calling? so...you've been using yahoo longer than me? big f'n deal. if that's true you know that means absolutely NOTHING. can't handle an opinion contrary to yours...obviously. too bad we're not toe to toe and we'd see who's a little boy....little boy....lol

    • So far, the only 'trades' I have had to veto - and it is not a trade - is we have a rule where if you have a player be lost for the season then the team that loses him gets the right of first refusal on his replacement, IF that replacement was a free agent until the starter was hurt.

      A few times a stud would go down, and somebody else would snatch up his replacement ONLY because they didn't want the other team that had the guy that got hurt to have him.

      To me that's not sportsmanlike.

      So, when Michael Turner on team A went down, Team B grabbed Snelling simply so team A could not get him. Veto.

    • i won't join a league unless it is "league votes". One man to decide about a trade when two men have already agreed is a bunch of BS.

      I have too much to worry about, I don't need to consider fantasy values.

      Consider this. I drafted Ray Rice last year as last pick or second to last. I could have traded practically anybody for him at season start. Now, a year later he is top 5 pick.

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