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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 29, 2010 8:45 PM Flag

    Two Commish Questions

    You cold also ax a few bench seats to take care of hoarding as well...thats what i did and i have not had much issues like this.

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    • COULD...........NOT..."COLD"........

    • why the hell stop people from hoarding? everybody has the same opportunity to do so? telling people who they can trade...who they can't trade...what's fair...what's not...what's hoarding...what's not...what the motivation of a manager is........and on and on. this entire concept is so foreign to the actual way things are run in the NFL...and the further people try to play "control freak" and rule over a league, the further away from real football it gets, and the less fun the game is. it ends up being an adult (at least...so called) version of high school where the thugs and jocks and beautiful people fight for control over everything and everybody. why not let adults trade to their hearts content as long as both parties are in agreement? if most people would admit it....most vetoes come as a result of people trying to keep one of the two teams involved in the trade from becoming too powerful...and has mostly nothing to do with "fairness".


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